Will God bring good out of Covid-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has opened up multiple new opportunities for Gospel witness in Pakistan.

In Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, a team of rural evangelists travel around the villages sharing stories from the life of Jesus. They typically spend the evening telling parables of Jesus when the labourers have finished their work in the fields. Did Covid-19 rob these evangelists of opportunities?

Covid-19 forced the farmers away from their fields but it did not stop the evangelists from spreading the gospel of life. In fact, villagers had far more time on their hands than they knew what to do with and gladly listened to the visiting preachers. We’ve just heard from our partner that recently 25 people have been baptised through this work and many more have believed and wait for the chance to be baptised.

In the same country, in the Punjab, there are families living and working in brick factories. Many are bonded labourers, effectively slaves through debt to the factory owner. When Covid-19 came, the government shut down the nation’s schools resulting in new opportunities to reach children not in the classroom.

In 25 of these brick factories, about 450 children are now hearing the gospel. Soon the schools will reopen, but it is hoped these connections will serve as the foundation for establishing a basic form of education in each of the factories. These children will learn skills that can empower them to escape the cycle of poverty and servitude. And most of all, they will hear of the One who sets us truly free: Jesus!

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