Our partners in Bhutan have shared news with us about how the current pandemic is affecting their ministry.

Early in July, measures were relaxed enough to enable churches to meet again after a long period of meeting online. At this time, the church in the capital Thimphu were able to resume outreach and several people came to faith in the short time before stricter measures were reintroduced.

While plans for baptisms of these new believers have been put on hold, the church has returned to online meetings and eagerly anticipate relaxations in September.


Encouragingly, the smaller house churches in Bhutan have continued to grow in the Lord. They were able to continue visiting each other and fasting and prayer has been a big feature recently of these fellowships.

Our partner has asked for prayer for a man he recently had the opportunity to share the gospel with. The man is an ex-Buddhist monk. For years, he lived and worked in the monasteries in Bhutan encouraging people to worship Buddha and gather up good karma. 

When our partner met him, the ex-monk had many questions about Christianity which led to a great conversation. As our partner continues to build a relationship with this man, would you pray that the Lord save this ex-monk as the truth of God’s Word is shared?