In the West, we have easy access to an abundance of Bible translations, commentaries and other literature.

Whether it’s on our bookshelf, our e-reader, our computer or our mobile phone we can access Scripture almost anywhere.

But many of our brothers and sisters around the world struggle to get hold of even a single Bible, and even if they do it might not be in a language they fully understand.

AsiaLink Bible mission

We are committed to supporting the work of Bible translation, as well as the printing and distribution of Scripture. We regularly hear stories of how this work is changing lives as pastors finally get hold of a translation they can understand, evangelists can take the Word of God to the lost, and believers can read God’s Word for themselves for the very first time.

Biak Lain Sum is an evangelist. He would tell people of Jesus, and many would believe, but he could not give them a copy of the Bible:

“Many times I went to the book store and there were no Bibles available to purchase. A couple of times there were, but they were far too expensive for me. I have one Bible, but when I went to evangelise, then my family didn’t have a Bible at home to read. I thank God for all those who worked to give us this Bible.  I am overwhelmed by this great gift and I cannot put into words how happy and appreciative I am.”

For the past few years, Naw Sander has been pastoring a church without access to the Bible:

“I was concerned about the wellbeing of the church members, but I didn’t know how to lead them properly. Because of this I suffered inside, both spiritually and emotionally. Sometimes I became depressed and sometimes I considered resigning my position. But then I received a free Bible with hymnal and it strengthened me and it taught me how to lead my church members.”

AsiaLink Bible mission

Tial Hlawn is 52 years old. She repented of her lifestyle of drunkenness and came to Christ, but had never owned a copy of the Bible:

“I have never been able to find a Bible to buy. Our church members have been praying for years for every person to have their own Bible. We are so grateful to God to be blessed with free Bibles in our language today.  God is answering our prayers through you. Thank you.”

Dawt Hniang became a Christian 42 years ago, but she had no Bible. In fact, in her whole church there was just one copy of the New Testament:

“I would go to the church and read that Bible sometimes, but it was only a New Testament.  In my whole life I have never owned my own Bible as Bibles in our language are almost impossible to come by. But the Lord is so good to us. I never imagined to be freely given the Bible in our language, but God has put it in our hands.  May God abundantly bless you!”


We are currently working to provide Bibles for people groups in Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, South East Asia* and the Middle East*.

* Countries not disclosed for security reasons

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