We are committed to supporting the work of Bible translation, as well as the printing and distribution of Scripture as part of our mission in Asia. Read more


We believe that demonstrating God’s love in practical ways after disasters is a not just an effective witness but part of our mission as God’s people. Read more


Our Beautiful Feet project supports missionaries who speak the language and understand the culture of the region to which they are sent. Read more

Poverty and hunger

Levels of poverty in Asia are so high that most nations have a moderately high, high or very high prevalence of undernourishment. Read more


We are currently supporting mission to refugees in a number of locations in the Middle East, showing the love of our compassionate God in practical ways, whilst holding out the good news of Jesus. Read more


We are committed to training up indigenous workers, in order to provide evangelists for the mission field and pastors for the church in Asia. Read more

Work with children

We are committed to the mission of helping disadvantaged children in Asia, whether it is because of poverty, a lack of parents, a lack of opportunities or any other hindrance. Read more

Work with women

Part of our mission is to help women who are on the wrong side of injustice and oppression in Asia. Read more