Severe flooding has hit the southern Laotian province of Attapeu.

Laos flood people  Laos floods boat

This comes after heavy rains caused the collapse of a dam on Monday 23rd July. Dozens have died, hundreds are missing and thousands have been displaced, with many more still awaiting rescue.

Our contacts on the ground have sent pictures of the situation, and are planning a relief effort involving water, rice, shelter, mosquito nets, blankets, insect repellants and hand sanitiser.

Laos floods  Laos floods roof

We are particularly concerned for Christians in the region, who may not benefit from the aid effort. For that reason, we will focus our attention on those areas known to have believers in them.

These floods have had a dramatic impact on the region, and could cause hardship for months and years to come.

Please help us support those in need at this time.