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A language they can understand

In recent weeks, cases of Covid-19 in the South-East Asian nation of Myanmar have exploded. For several months, government officials reported only 300 cases across the nation. This past month, however, one township alone reported 1,500 new cases.

Our partners in the area of this township, operate a training college for prospective pastors, evangelists and church-planters. Alongside this vital ministry of training the next generation of church leaders, our partners have sought to positively influence their community.

In the past, the college has sponsored sporting and social events in an effort to form strong relationships with those living near the college. Such is the strength of these relationships that in times of crisis, local community leaders look to our partners for wisdom and help.

The sharp increase in local cases in the township is the latest such crisis. The latest positive cases are a large group of factory workers who live together sharing hallways and bathrooms. Located just three houses down from the college itself, around 200 workers have been barred from leaving their building by local leaders.

With the workers no longer allowed to leave the building, the community have tried to provide what little food they could for those trapped indoors.


After local leaders approached our partners about the situation, they have been able to donate food and other essentials for the workers.

With no government plans to provide relief, our partners believe that this is a wonderful opportunity to once again, display the love of Christ in a practical way. As our partners have said, this is a chance to show the love of God “in a language they can understand” and they anticipate many opportunities to share the gospel with many in the community.

Please pray for our partners as they engage with their community in this way and the Lord to use their witness for the furthering of His Kingdom. Pray too for these workers trapped indoors and tight quarters, that they would endure and come to know something of the love of Christ through this relief effort.

Provide vital relief today

New workers for the harvest

Our partner has shared news with us of a young couple seeking to follow the Lord’s leading and reach a people group from an overwhelmingly majority-Muslim country.

For many years, our partner has sought to mobilise a heart for this nation among believers of neighbouring countries. While we cannot name this nation for security purposes, it poses a particularly difficult challenge to those who seek to see the Gospel shared here.


Recently, a young couple moved to an area near a large population of unreached people from this nation. As the husband of this couple finished theological studies, they began praying earnestly for a home in the midst of this people group which the Lord graciously provided.

With rent soaring and work opportunities reducing due to the pandemic, we have been able to cover the next six months of rent for this couple.

The outreach of this couple is very sensitive. With the Islamic faith being so prevalent among this people group, the wrong person discovering their evangelism efforts could mean an end to the ministry.

While opportunities to meet and build relationships with their neighbours have been limited due to the pandemic, some connections have been made. The pair are also learning the language with help from an older couple who served among this people group for many years.

Praise God for placing this young couple in an excellent location for outreach and for their obedience to Him in going to reach this group. Pray that they would make many connections and be able to share the Gospel without wider exposure

New opportunities in Pakistan

The coronavirus pandemic has opened up multiple new opportunities for Gospel witness in Pakistan.

In Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, a team of rural evangelists travel around the villages sharing stories from the life of Jesus. They typically spend the evening telling parables of Jesus when the labourers have finished their work in the fields. Did Covid-19 rob these evangelists of opportunities?

Covid-19 forced the farmers away from their fields but it did not stop the evangelists from spreading the gospel of life. In fact, villagers had far more time on their hands than they knew what to do with and gladly listened to the visiting preachers. We’ve just heard from our partner that recently 25 people have been baptised through this work and many more have believed and wait for the chance to be baptised.


In the same country, in the Punjab, there are families living and working in brick factories. Many are bonded labourers, effectively slaves through debt to the factory owner. When Covid-19 came, the government shut down the nation’s schools resulting in new opportunities to reach children not in the classroom.

In 25 of these brick factories, about 450 children are now hearing the gospel. Soon the schools will reopen, but it is hoped these connections will serve as the foundation for establishing a basic form of education in each of the factories. These children will learn skills that can empower them to escape the cycle of poverty and servitude. And most of all, they will hear of the One who sets us truly free: Jesus!

Incredible church growth in Thailand

At the beginning of September, an evangelical church-planting network in Thailand reported over 1,400 new believers being baptised in a single day.

As the first country to report a positive case of Covid-19 outside China, things did not look good for Thailand at the start of the year. However, with a nationwide lockdown and continued precautions, Thailand celebrated 100 days with no cases at the start of the month.

The church in Thailand has thrived over this period. Through personal conversations, house gatherings and the sharing of testimonies, many have come to faith in Christ for the first time.


1,435 new believers gathered at the start of the month by a river in central Thailand, in which twenty pastors waited to begin baptising one-by-one after each publicly proclaimed their faith in Christ.

Praise God for this wonderful display of His power to save and transform many. Pray that the church in Thailand would continue to grow and that these new believers would deepen and mature in their relationship with the Lord and, in turn, share the Good News with others around them.

On the Road Again

We have all been paying close attention to official guidance as we anticipate the return to gathered fellowship.

While different regions have been easing restrictions at different rates, churches are able to meet again in most places, albeit in a very different manner!

Our team are eager to get back on the road and share what God has been doing in Asia with your church or group, gladly adhering to any safety procedures put in place.

Alternatively, our suite of video resources remains available. These range in length from three minutes to twenty minutes and are suitable for use in an online or gathered service. 

To book a speaker or request access to the videos, click here.

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