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After many years of calling this monthly update the eBriefing, we recently decided it was time for a change!

Welcome to the first-ever AsiaLink Newsbite which will continue to be full of news and encouragements to help facilitate prayer for the vast continent of Asia!

Chinese authorities shut down church

Our partners in Asia have shared a short video on YouTube depicting the closure of a church in China by authorities.

At the beginning of May, authorities raided a house church meeting in the city of Xiamen. Six men identified as church leaders were taken away and haven’t been heard from since. The video offers an insight into the fierceness of Chinese opposition.

The faith of these believers is clear to see. As police storm the building, members of the church continue to sing Amazing Grace!

Persecution of Chinese Christians has been high over the past few years and as much of the world works to combat the spread of coronavirus, the church in China remains under threat. The ruling Communist party are deeply concerned by the rapidly growing church in China. Ironically in these days of Covid-19, Chinese officials have referred to this growth as “Jesus Fever”!

Tens of millions of Christians face similar trials as this church. Please continue to pray for the church in China and especially for the believers of this house church in Xiamen.

You can support Chinese believers who have suffered due to persecution through our China fund.

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Home for refugee children

Partners in Myanmar continue to offer a safe and loving home to refugee children and young people without families.

In times of increased need such as now, the ministry of our partners in looking after vulnerable children and young people is crucial to their continued wellbeing. Recently, AsiaLink were able to help fund the renovation of the dorms which house these young people!

Our partners have shared with us the story of Mi, a thirteen-year-old boy who lives at the camp.

“When I was young, I lived with my parents and older brother. Sadly, when I was six, my mother passed away. The very same day, my father left my brother and me. We never heard from him again. Perhaps he was killed in the fighting here or passed away suddenly.

"We lived with our grandparents for a while, but they were too elderly to provide for us. Eventually, we made our way to a refugee camp from which we were brought to live in this camp.

"Living here is a real blessing. I’ve made so many friends in the camp and get to hear about God every day. Growing up, my whole family were Buddhists and so was I. Now, I believe in Jesus Christ. I like attending Sunday School and listening to preachers when they visit. Thank you for letting me be able to live here!”

Please pray for our partners as they provide for children like Mi in these refugee camps. Pray too that more children like Mi will come to know the love of his Heavenly Father as he has!

Coronavirus relief continues

Last month, we highlighted the work of our partners in India ministering to those adversely affected by the lockdown there. They have continued to update us.

When India imposed lockdown in late March with just four hours’ notice, it caused a humanitarian disaster. While the nation has been gradually easing the lockdown in recent weeks, there remains a huge need to help those adversely affected.

In Jaipur, AsiaLink partners operate a centre for evangelism and Bible teaching. Shara, a student on the Bible teaching course, learned that her family over 1500km away had lost their jobs. The family found themselves in great need of help, especially as Shara’s sister is pregnant. The family travelled 415km on foot to other relatives and were subsequently quarantined for a full month. Our partners at the Jaipur centre were able to send vital aid to Shara’s family in their hour of need.

In Southern India, another partner continues to minister to families in need. He reports that the great fear of India’s poor is not that they will catch Covid-19 but that they will have no food for tomorrow.

Our partner here supports a network of pastors and churches and has been able to distribute relief packages to over 200 church leaders! In the past few weeks alone over 1000 starving families have also received food parcels. 

Please pray for the people of India as they continue to suffer as a result of the current response to the pandemic and for our partners as they reach those in need.

You can help provide aid to families in India during these difficult days by giving to our relief fund. Simply click below to donate.

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South-East Asia Outreach

We recently had the opportunity to speak via video call with a partner in South-East Asia to hear how their ministry has been affected throughout the pandemic.

He operates a centre for outreach in a country with restricted access to the Gospel. Devotions are held at the centre each morning for those who have come to learn vocational skills.

The centre is part of a larger farm which provides livestock to needy families in the surrounding area. Evangelists take these animals as gifts and develop relationships with families as they teach them how to take care of the livestock. Not only do families gain a steady source of income and food, but many opportunities for the Gospel are opened up.

The lockdown in this part of the world caused great difficulty for poor families in buying food. Due to the closure of borders, the cost of rice rose by over 70%. Thanks in part to the generosity of AsiaLink supporters, over 15 tonnes of rice has been purchased and distributed to families in great need.

Our partner told us of a young girl named Vin who grew up with her family in the jungle. Vin’s father had a tumour growing on the side of his face and villagers, fearing that he was afflicted by evil spirits, wouldn’t allow the family to settle close to them.


Vin’s father was getting steadily sicker and so the family began to travel away from their home in the middle of the jungle. Money was short, and food ran out. In order to keep going, Vin was sold for her weight in rice to a small business. Here, she was physically abused and forced to work.

One of our partners’ outreach teams came across Vin and sought to free her. The team learned that her parents were in no condition to look after her again, and bought Vin back from the business owner. Today she lives at the centre, receiving an education, hearing devotions from God’s Word and helping at the farm by collecting eggs laid by the chickens! Vin also has her very own children’s Bible which she loves to read.

After some time, Vin wondered why this place in which she was living was different to where she had been before. When asked why she thought the centre was different, Vin replied, “Because no-one hits me here.”

Please pray for little Vin as she continues to learn about God and enjoy the safety of the centre. Praise God for how He has used this centre in South-East Asia to reach many with the Gospel. Pray for their continued safety and security as they work in this restricted land.

Video resources for online meetings

Our regional representatives have sorely missed visiting churches around the UK and Ireland in recent months, but we are eager to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

With that in mind, we have put together a series of videos for use in your church’s online meetings.

Videos vary in length from 4 minutes to 20 minutes and seek to inform you not only of the practical relief being provided by our partners in Asia in recent months but also of the work the Lord is doing through them, changing hearts and breaking down spiritual strongholds even at this unsettled time.

With reports available from India, Pakistan, Iran, Myanmar and more, we’d love you to make the most of these videos by using them in your online church meetings.

To get hold of these resources, simply contact us here or call us on 028 933 42920 (or on 048 933 42920 from ROI).

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