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Witch doctor comes to faith

Our partners in South-East Asia have shared an incredible story with us about a village witch doctor who miraculously came to faith after hearing the Gospel for the first time. Myo, whose name has been changed for security, tells his testimony below:

“My name is Myo, and before I became a Christian, I was the witch doctor for my village. Whenever someone in the village fell ill or received an injury, they would come to me. They brought with them an animal as payment; a chicken, a duck, or even a pig which they would give to me in exchange for healing by my witchcraft.

"For 20 years I made my living as a witch doctor, interceding for those who came to me with the spirits I believed lived all around the village. 

"One day a friend of mine in the village told me that I had to believe in Jesus. I told him that I had never heard that name and asked him who Jesus was. My friend told me about the power of Jesus Christ and how He was able to heal the sick.

"I thought to myself that this Jesus could be worth knowing. If He could help heal the sick when they came to me, then I could become richer! Surely people would give me more animals if Jesus was helping my work.

"Everything changed when I was invited to a church nearby. The pastor clearly explained to me who Jesus was. I was amazed at this Jesus who came to earth to feed the poor, heal the sick, and perform miracles. I was awestruck by what He had done because I had never seen love and power like that.

I had never seen love and power like that

"I prayed with the pastor, putting my faith in Jesus and then quit my job as a witch doctor. The pastor gave me a Bible, but it was in a language I didn’t know very well. I read it but understood very little.

"Later, my family was given a New Testament Bible in our heart language. I was so excited. I began to read it and now I can understand God’s Word much better. My life has changed a lot. I still want to help those who are sick, but I now pray for them with faith in the Name of Jesus. Thank you so much for giving me a Bible in my mother tongue. May God bless you all.”

Our partners continue to supply Bibles to people like Myo across South-East Asia in areas where access to God’s Word is often severely restricted. Pray for Myo and the work of distributing Bibles.

Teenage Christian murdered in India

At the beginning of June, in Eastern India, reports emerged of a shocking incident involving a teenage Christian named Sambaru.

The village where the incident occurred is predominantly home to Hindus and animists with only a few Christian families. Having decided to kill the male heads of three Christian families, a group of villagers came to Sambaru’s house seeking his father. However, the father was not at home as he was travelling to the doctor with his unwell daughter.

The animists took sixteen-year-old Sambaru instead, tied his hands together and brought him to a large mob who had gathered to attack him. After being beaten by the mob, Sambaru was dragged on his back to the edge of the jungle where he was stabbed to death. His body was then placed in a shallow pit and covered with some mud and leaves. 

An autopsy report showed that several of Sambaru’s bones had been broken along with multiple stab wounds to the back. The report also revealed that Sambaru had been struck with heavy stones as well. 

A local pastor described Sambaru as having “great zeal for God and for ministering to God’s people.” He regularly led Bible studies in his home and was involved with children’s ministry at a nearby church. While Sambaru’s family state that he killed for his Christian faith, an attempt to justify the killing by claiming Sambaru was practising black magic surfaced.

Please pray for Sambaru’s family and other Christian’s in this area. Horrific stories like this one are evidence of the worsening persecution against Christians in India, and it is only by God's mercy that other Christian targets were able to feel the mob and hide in the jungle. Pray that the Lord would bring about change in this land, for His glory.

Healing in a refugee camp

Our partners ministering to refugees in the Middle East recently shared one man's amazing testimony with us... 

"There can be no place lonelier than a refugee camp in northern Iraq. On one hand, it is a place of safety after the trauma of escaping terrorist activity, but on the other there's a great challenge. How do you cope when those from whom you are trying to escape are fellow Muslims?

"Some of my companions in the camp started attending a weekly church service held by some Christians. At least in the camp, it was relatively safe to do so. Some of them became Christians, believing that Jesus is indeed the Son of God and that he had come to save us from our sins, with many even going on to be baptised.


"I was sceptical, but I decided to go along to a prayer meeting, one which took place just before Covid-19 began to make such a significant impact. But I had a problem. I was sick with diabetes and that had caused all kinds of complications including swollen feet. In short, I was a mess and my health was deteriorating. More than that, I had no money for proper medical treatment – what refugee has?

"Taking my courage in both hands, I asked those at the prayer meeting to pray for me. I was desperate. To my surprise, not only did they pray but they were crying out to God in tears. I had never known such an outpouring of love and they hardly knew me.

"I left the prayer meeting, not knowing what to feel or even what to look for but, within two days, I started to feel much better and my symptoms were getting less and less. I am not sure I believed it. But after another two days, I was feeling much better. The swelling was going away and I felt stronger than I had done for a long time.

"I decided to go and see a doctor, a Muslim, who, after an examination, told me that my body was healthy. I told him that Jesus had healed my body through the prayers of some Christian people, and it did not cost me a thing!

"Through tears, I called the leader of the Christian group who had prayed for me and told him what had happened. Jesus healed my body and He has healed my soul. Praise His name!" 

Praise God for his intervention in this man’s life and our partners in the Middle East ministering among refugees.

The AsiaLink Internship

AsiaLink is seeking to appoint an intern for our new one-year programme.

The AsiaLink Internship is an exciting, year-long opportunity to learn about and develop your heart for the unreached people of Asia, whilst also gaining a firm foundation in Gospel ministry.

You will be challenged and equipped to support Gospel progress in Asia in a variety of ways, as well as building up transferable skills which can be used wherever the Lord leads you in the future. 

The internship will be primarily based in our office in Northwich and will begin on 1st September 2020.

Could you, or someone you know, join us for an unforgettable year serving the church in Asia? We would greatly appreciate your help in advertising this opportunity, so please forward the details on to anybody you think may be interested.

For more information, and to apply, click here. 

New resources for churches, children and young people

In recent months, the AsiaLink team have been busy preparing new resources for your use.

We have previously highlighted our new videos designed for online services and featuring reports from India, Pakistan, Iran and more. To get a hold of these videos, simply email [email protected]

We have also recently launched a new teaching resource for children’s groups called OINK! The resource focuses on an area of ministry in South-East Asia and is designed to open young eyes to what God is doing in this part of the world. Find out more about this free resource and request a copy by clicking here.

Finally, our youth and young adult’s ministry, HistoryMakers, is running a six-week Bible study called Mission Minded. Sessions complete with video, study passages and questions for reflection will be available weekly from early July. Mission Minded will help open younger minds to how the theme of mission runs through all of Scripture. You can sign up to receive it by email by clicking here. 

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