If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about this map? So much has changed, and current efforts to reach the unreached people of Asia are profoundly affected by all that has occurred since this map was drawn. Here’s what we can learn and how we can pray...

China has grown to incorporate Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria, making it hard to reach these areas in the present day.

Pray for efforts to support the church and reach the lost in China as the authorities continue to crack down on religious activity.

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The name of Mongolia’s capital was changed from Urga to Ulaanbaatar under Communism. The new name means ‘red hero’, and it is only recently that gospel work has been able to grow and prosper. Many still see Christianity as a foreign religion.

Pray that they would come to meet Jesus and discover the joyous freedom found in a relationship with Him!

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British North Borneo later became a smaller state, divided into two regions, now known as Brunei. Western influence is largely shunned in this Islamic kingdom, which has developed increasingly strong ties to Islamic nations in the Middle East.

As the country restricts religious activity by non-Muslim groups, pray that believers would be wise in sharing their faith and living for Christ, and that many of the majority Brunei Malay would come to trust in the Lord.

The regions formerly known as Siam and French Indo-China have changed dramatically, leading to modern-day Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Communism still holds sway in some of these nations, leading to severe restrictions on Christians.

Pray for believers in these nations to stand firm and hold out the hope of the gospel, though it may cost them everything in this life.

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Meanwhile, the border created between Thailand and Malaysia actually left many Malay people living in Thailand. Not only is this a source of political tension today, but the Malays of southern Thailand remain unreached with the gospel despite the existence of strong Christian work in some areas of the country.

Pray for Thailand’s unreached people groups, including the Malays in the south - that the Thai church would grow in its desire to reach them and that communities would be transformed by the good news of Jesus.

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