Iran’s largest protests in nearly a decade erupted on 28th December.

Iran protests

Demonstrators took to the streets in the nation’s capital, Tehran, as well as in other areas, in response to declining economic conditions, corruption and a lack of personal freedoms. This comes after decades of increasing rates of suicide and depression.

Islam is the official religion of Iran, which is governed according to Sharia law. Although some marginal groups are allowed to be Christians, they are marginalised and sharing the gospel can lead to imprisonment and abuse.

Whilst these protests are being carried out by Muslims, we pray that God will use this time as an opportunity to bring about increased freedom of religion in the nation. We hope and pray that the protests will be peaceful and for a greatly improved quality of life for all citizens of the country.

Pray for Iran

  • Pray for the protests to be influential and yet pass peacefully
  • Pray for wise and compassionate political decision making to bring an upturn in economic conditions
  • Pray for Christian groups who are marginalised - that they would endure faithfully and find blessing even amid trials
  • Ask that freedom of religion would become a reality for all in Iran