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Myanmar’s largest non-state army have been detaining several Christian workers for questioning while destroying churches in the Shan region.

Myanmar sunset

The United Wa State Army (UWSA) is a military group numbering around 30,000 which has been engaging in these activities since early September. The UWSA announced that they were conducting investigations of Christian communities online.

One Christian leader in Myanmar said, “If an individual or an organisation builds a church in any area, they investigate to see whether it is being built because it is in a Christian community or whether it is being built to evangelise, to get people to convert to Christianity.”

It is suspected that the opposition of the UWSA towards Christians in Myanmar is due to the support the group receives from China.

Please pray for those suffering persecution by the UWSA, and for an end to the conflict in Myanmar.

Source: ReliefWeb

North Korea

Soon after North Korea celebrated its 70th anniversary earlier this month, yet another historic meeting occurred between Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in. 

The two leaders met earlier this year near the demilitarised zone, which forms the border between the two nations. This most recent meeting is the first time President Moon of the southern Republic has travelled to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

President Moon has been operating as a diplomatic intermediary between North Korea and the USA, and it is hoped that this meeting will help negotiations between Trump and Kim, about denuclearisation, to get back on track.

North Korea will also be a subject of discussion at this week's United Nations General Assembly, with a planned meeting between Trump and Moon about recent developments.

Current diplomatic relations with North Korea are encouraging to many who remember the much more closed and hostile nation of the 20th century.



Our partner and friend has asked for prayer for an upcoming evangelistic trip in Nepal.

We are excited to go to the real ends of the earth with the Gospel

He said, “Greetings from the Himalayas in the Name of its Maker!

"We would like to request you to pray for our trip to the mountains. My friend and I are leaving soon to the mid-west of Nepal. We will have to drive for two days and hike up to the snow level for two days just to get to a mountainous village in the Jajarkot district.

"Six boxes of Christian literature (around 4000 pieces) are loaded into the car. Please pray for travelling mercy, boldness and fruitful ministry. 

"We will be teaching for two days to pastors and students as part of a short discipleship training course. We are excited to go to the real ends of the earth with the Gospel. Please pray with us that the Lord provides for the trip and His will be done!

"Thank you very much for your continuous prayers.”

Laos floods

Our partners in Laos continue to meet the need of many in the wake of the summers devastating flooding in the Attapeu region.

Laos flood people

In Pindong, teams have completed construction of two campsites for those who lost homes in the floods. They have provided toilets, showers, a water tower, multiple clean water access points and an incinerator to assist with waste management.

We’re grateful for God’s provision through His people for continued relief efforts in Laos. It has been weeks since the flooding hit the headlines in the West, but many are still suffering in the aftermath of this disaster. Please continue to pray for those affected, and for those ministering to them.

Short-term opportunity

We’re recruiting for an all-age team to serve the church in South-East Asia in Easter 2019. Will you join us?

AsiaLink team 2018

Experience a trip like no other by serving the church in a country closed to Christianity! You'll help us carry Bibles into countries with restricted access to God's Word, witness the efforts being made to reach the unreached and spend time with the local underground church.

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