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Mongolia testimony

We have received news from our partners in Mongolia who are providing Life Skills classes to children and parents in the country.

These courses offer valuable education for local Mongolian families in order to improve childcare and quality of living. The classes also provide opportunities to point those who participate towards Jesus Christ. 

Mongolia Life Skills family

Recently, our partners have been visiting families who have completed the Life Skills program after their graduation. Many of these families live in appalling conditions and so the team began distributing clothes, kitchen supplies and food.

The they met with one of their students, named Savlaiguli, along with a contact from a local church. While with Savlaiguli and her family, one of our partners shared the gospel and Savlaiguli, along with her brother and mother, put their faith in the Lord. Since the visit, the family have been attending their local church regularly!

Praise God for saving and bringing this family to Himself! Please pray for Savlaiguli and her family as they settle into the church and begin to grow in faith.


The end of September saw Indonesia struck by an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude, triggering landslides and a tsunami.

Indonesia map

More than 2000 people are known to have died with an estimated 330,000 people left homeless. The nation had previously been struck by an earthquake in August of this year.

Infrastructure has been destroyed, with bridges collapsing and roads buckling as a result of the tremors. It will take years of aid for the people in this area of Indonesia to rebuild their lives.

Over the past couple of months, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, our partners have been ministering to those affected by the earthquakes through the distribution of food packages and blankets. Please pray for them as they continue to meet the needs of the thousands left desolated by these disasters. 

You can also support our ongoing work in this area by giving to our Disaster fund. Simply write a note in the comments box and your donation will be directed accordingly.

AsiaLink History Makers Youth Logo

HistoryMakers is the youth ministry of AsiaLink and has recently been relaunched and reimagined.

We believe that Jesus commands all of his believers to go and make disciples of all nations, regardless of their age, and are eager to inform and equip young people to embark upon that great work!

Through a shiny new website, great video content, social media channels and speakers for youth and CU meetings, we want to make the most of every opportunity to raise up the next generation of missionaries.

We’re informing them through first-hand accounts of the mission field, inspiring them through stories, blogs, photos and videos, and immersing them in short-term mission through our various summer teams.

Check out the new website at!

China’s hidden camps

Reports and investigations have revealed the existence of many concentration camps in the Xinjiang region of China.

It is estimated that around one million people are being detained and suffering at present. The Xinjiang region is home to people groups such as Uyghurs, Kazahks and Kirghiz - all groups who experience severe discrimination and persecution from Chinese authorities on a regular basis.

Despite these groups being largely Muslim, a promising church movement had emerged among them, with regular outreach resulting in many coming to faith. Although the recent detention effort has been targeted towards Muslims, many church leaders and believers belonging to these people groups have also been taken.

Reports indicate that inmates are subjected to re-education and re-indoctrination while in the camps.

We must remember the estimated one million enduring internment in these concentration camps in prayer. Please continue to pray for China - for God to move and for His people to thrive in faith despite intensifying persecution.

Source: BBC

Kachin Christians targeted in Myanmar

The persecution of Rohingya Muslims by Burmese troops in Myanmar has been well publicised over the past couple of years. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya were forced to flee the country. Now, the same troops have turned their attentions toward the Christian community in the Kachin region.

So far, thousands of Kachin have been driven out of more than 50 villages and soldiers have destroyed or damaged 400 villages, 300 churches and 100 schools. Around 130,000 people have been displaced from their homes within the area as they have fled from the Burmese army.

Earlier this year a United Nations investigation noted that there were “marked similarities” between the violence against the Rohingya and the Kachin.

Pray with us for the Christians of Kachin as they seek refuge and safety. Please pray too for our partner working with refugees and others who have been affected by the violence in this area.

Source: Christianity Today