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A light to the nations

Our partners involved with the training and sending of new workers and pastors in Myanmar have updated us with some of their recent activities.

Recently, the students of our partner theological college have been split into outreach teams to evangelise local children in the city.

The teams have regular opportunities to minister to children whilst working alongside local churches. The children who come along play games, memorise Scripture and learn Bible stories!

Many of the children come from slum communities having moved to the city as their parents sought work. Many of the families only have a small bamboo hut by the roadside to call home. Their parents work from dawn to dusk, barely making a living wage - one parent shared that they only make around £2 per day.

The difficult background that many of the children come from is heartbreaking. But the local church is taking opportunities to display the love of Christ and connect with these families.

One way in which children are being reached is through an evening homework club at the church. This is a great help for children as not only do they get extra assistance, but they can work after the sun sets each evening. Many of their homes have no electricity and no lights making the well-lit church a great place to study and, in the process, bringing new meaning to the church being a “light to the nations!”

Many children attend regularly and, through the relationships built with those in church, begin attending Sunday School where they hear all about the Father who loves them and the Saviour who died for them.

There are around 90 children being reached in these ways in Myanmar. Please pray for our partners leading this work as they urge the children to put their faith in Christ. We praise God for opening doors to reach these kids and ask that He opens their hearts and minds to the truth of His Word.

A safe settlement in the Middle East

The Middle East is never far from the headlines with regular terrorist attacks taking place and much political uncertainty. However, some of our partners in the region have an exciting new opportunity!

Our partners have begun a new work to support widows and children affected by the economic and political trials of living in this turbulent region. A settlement of 366 families has been formed to offer safety and provision to those who require it. Each family is supplied with a small house and basic provisions.

The widows arrive from all over, but many originate from areas of military conflict. Many of these women face the challenge of providing for their families on their own. Nearly all of them are illiterate and so our partners hope to begin a training programme in order to increase their employability. 

Please pray for our partners as this work is established. The settlement provides an oasis of safety in the middle of a war-torn land. May many vulnerable families find hope and home there, and encounter the true living God!

Could you serve short-term in Bangkok?

Earlier this year we launched our Night Light Project, an outreach to women ensnared by the sex trade in Bangkok.

An opportunity has arisen to meet a need of our partners as they seek to rescue, restore and empower such women with the grace and love of God. A small café lends financial support to the ongoing outreach and serves as a place for the women who are reached to develop new skills for future employment away from the sex trade. 

The managers of the café are moving on and our partners need to fill the position. This is an opportunity to serve alongside our partners and support their work as manager of the café, which is integral to the ministry. Our partners are looking for somebody who could fill this position for three to six months.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in finding out more about this opportunity then please do get in touch!

Prayer would be much appreciated as our partners seek the right person (or people) to fill this role. Please pray for the Lord's provision for this role.

Christmas devotions

Over the next few weeks in the run-up to Christmas, we will be offering some short devotions based on characters from the Christmas story.

Each devotion will consider a different character, with the first instalment being published on Sunday 1st December. To make sure you don't miss any of them, you can receive the devotions by email straight to your inbox by signing up here.

New video from AsiaLink!

As we approach the end of our 20th year of ministry, we have been prompted to pause and reflect on what God has been doing through our endeavours.

Our team gathered to share reflections on their experiences in Asia, and on our ongoing effort to reach the unreached people of Asia with the Gospel. 

These reflections are documented in our new video, which succinctly articulates the heart of our ministry - to see the Kingdom of God stretch to each corner of Asia where people have never heard of Jesus before.

We would love for you to watch it, and you can do so by clicking here. If you would like to use the video, simply get in touch and we can provide you with a copy.

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