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October short-term team

We’re recruiting for an all-age team to serve the church in South-East Asia for two weeks this autumn. Will you join us?

This is your chance to experience a trip like no other by serving the church in places closed to Christianity! You'll help us carry Bibles into countries with restricted access to God's Word, witness the efforts being made to reach the unreached and spend time with the local underground church.

Dates of travel are not confirmed but are likely to be from October 19th to November 2nd 2019. For more information and to apply visit


Tajikistan has the highest percentage of Muslims of any Central Asian country, at 95.9%.

The nation is home to 8.7 million people and, already restrictive on religious freedoms, introduced new laws last year to give the government even more power.

Tajikistan road horn

Since amendments to the Religion Law came into force, the state has held, in the words of a human rights defender, “total control” over religious freedoms. As a result, the Tajik government now demands “all kinds of information on the number of members, finances and activities” of churches and other religious bodies.

The local Baptist denomination in Tajikistan had 5000 calendars containing Bible verses confiscated and destroyed under these new laws. The government also uses legislation to discourage the attendance of children at church meetings. Recently, a child entered a church service while a local official was present. A few days later, church leaders were called in for questioning and were fined an amount equivalent to eight months' average wage.

Pray for this overlooked nation, and for Christians as they navigate these laws and endure persecution. Pray for a change in policy by the Tajik government in favour of religious freedom. 

Source: World Watch Monitor

South-East Asia Bibles

Thanks to supporters like you, Bibles continue to be printed and distributed to those who have never been able to own a copy before.

Bible distribution

Below is the testimony of Kyar - a recipient of a Lahu Bible.

When I was 9 years old I accepted Christ through the teaching of a pastor in my village. I was very happy and satisfied with my life even though we were poor. God is amazing and He has provided all our needs.

I do not have enough money to buy a Bible, but I have eagerly wanted to have my own copy, because I love my Lahu tribe and I want to serve the Lord among my people. There are many non-Christian Lahu people where I live. The Lahu Bible is very hard to acquire and it seemed like an impossibility to ever own my own copy. The thought of having my own Bible was just like a dream, but now it has become a reality!

I want to express my deepest heartfelt thanks to those who donated the Lahu Bibles to us. My heart has been deeply touched by your love and compassion. God bless you.”

Please continue to pray for this vital work, bringing God’s Word to South-East Asia. Pray also for those receiving Bibles to continue to grow in their faith!

Youth outreach in Delhi

Our partners in Delhi run an outreach for teens and young adults in the city.

Many younger people move to the capital for work or education and are often isolated as a result. The team run monthly meetings in coffee shops or public parks full of music, fun and talks about various topics with a Gospel emphasis.

The group offers believers and non-believers a chance to make new friends and discover more about the Christian faith. Our partners have shared the story of one young man who has been attending the group:

Sohail is a young, successful engineer who had no time for God and religion in his life. He was looking for happiness in addictive substances but was unable to find peace anywhere. Ever since he has connected with the group, there has been a decided change in his lifestyle. He has given up alcohol of his own accord and has become receptive to the Gospel. Earlier this year, he even composed a spiritual song and performed it for a live audience.

Praise God for how He has worked in this young man's life! Pray for the group as it continues to meet and for the team as they introduce young people to the Gospel.

North Korea

Late February saw the second round of talks being held between US President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, in Vietnam.

The two leaders previously met in Singapore, last year, where the talks produced a joint declaration to work towards peace, prosperity and denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea flags

This most recent round of talks was focused on steps towards securing denuclearisation in North Korea. Reports indicate that good progress had been made until talks fell apart on the issue of US imposed sanctions.

It remains encouraging to see diplomatic engagement with North Korea, and we hope the fledgling relationship between these two countries can continue to progress for the sake of the people.

Please pray for officials involved with these discussions, that talks may resume and that the Lord might use these diplomatic efforts to open doors for the Gospel.

Source: Reuters