Our partners in India have been ministering to over 1000 children through a special outreach week.

India outreach to children

The event was organised by 15 different churches and organisations. 95% of the children who attended the week came from non-Christian backgrounds, wanting to gain knowledge of the God of the Bible. Each child received a copy of the New Testament to keep. 

One boy called Anuj, who came for the very first time, says that he has learnt that “if God is with us we can do all things; just like David who killed the lion, and Goliath, we can overcome all the problems in our lives.” Another girl named Neerja said that it was an amazing experience and that she has learnt about the love of God and Jesus Christ who saves for the first time.

Please pray for our partners and for the children who have received the gospel through this outreach week!

South-East Asia

Our partners in Myanmar have recently completed work on a new facility.

The building work at MCCP, a theological college supported by AsiaLink, has provided increased space for classes and times of worship. In anticipation of this new building, the MCCP team have been working with indigenous churches from around Myanmar, seeking to recruit new students for theological training and pastoral ministry.

The college is home to 35 students, many of whom comie from over 700 miles away. Others are from the west, near Bangladesh, where there is much conflict with the Rohingya. There are also over 30 students enrolled in long distance learning with the college. No matter where the students come from, all are eager and willing to learn in order to serve the Lord and His church.

Praise the Lord for the provision of this new facility, and for those considering enrolling at the college in full-time study. To date, MCCP have trained around 150 evangelists and pastors for Myanmar. Do pray with us for them and their ministry in this part of Asia!

East Asia

In China, foreign missionaries say they are bracing for more trouble.

Chongqing China

This comes after the arrest of two South Koreans – the latest in a nationwide crackdown targeting “Korean Christian infiltration”. The opposition is expected to be ramped up in the coming months. 

In addition to these arrests, around a dozen Chinese citizens were also arrested in a second raid on an underground church that same day. More than 20 law enforcement officers were seen at the church – one of many unregistered places of worship in China which operate out of living rooms or factory buildings in violation of state regulations. 

The “special action plan” against Korean Christian activities is expected to last until September, according to government documents, and could see more South Koreans being denied visas and expelled from China as they come under greater scrutiny.

Pray especially for those being targeted by the government as they minister in China.

Source: South China Morning Post

North Korea

One recently released American has recounted his experience of life in a North Korean prison.

Kim Hak Song was on a train, returning to the Chinese border city where he’d entered North Korea, when members of the North Korean security service approached him. The agents accused him of hostile acts towards North Korea and said they had evidence against him.

When he asked the agents what the alleged hostile acts were, he was told his crime was prayer. The North Korean authorities showed Kim an email he had sent to the elders of his church in America, asking them to pray for the people of North Korea. They also had records showing he had led early morning prayer for a worship group. 

Kim is convinced that his time in North Korea wasn’t wasted. While detained, an official asked him to write about Christianity. He said he started with Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Kim was grateful and thankful that he was able to share God’s message to this official.

It is estimated that there are over 1300 political prisoners detained for religious reasons in North Korea. We thank God for his deliverance of Kim back to his family and church in the US, and ask that you continue to intercede for those suffering for their faith in this dark land.

Source: Religion News Service

Central Asia

Opposing sides in Afghanistan have temporarily ceased fighting for the Muslim Eid festival.

The ceasefire is the first time Taliban forces and the Afghan military have stopped fighting in the last 18 years. The US military operating in the region have also agreed to the ceasefire, but will continue their counter-terrorism operations against Islamic State. 

In recent days, war-weary Afghans have taken to the streets to welcome the ceasefire, and have demanded that the Taliban and the government work together to extend the duration of the truce and open peace talks. Many experts are sceptical that the ceasefire will lead to efforts for long-term peace.

We thank the Lord for the respite from fighting for Afghanistan, and remember AsiaLink partners who are operating there. We pray this truce, albeit temporary, would offer opportunities for them to share Jesus with Afghans. May God bring about a lasting peace in this nation.

Source: VOA News