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Evangelism in Wuhan

In recent weeks, the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus has grabbed attention around the world. The virus was first detected in the city of Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei region, and has since spread to several nations world-wide. 

There are just under 60,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in China as a whole, with the majority of infections having occurred in and around Wuhan where life has ground to a halt. Citizens are being urged to remain indoors, emergency treatment centres have been erected and the streets are near empty - a striking sight for a city of over 11 million people. 

In the midst of this uncertainty and upheaval, the Lord is still working. In Wuhan, local Christians have been risking infection by taking to the street to distribute face masks and share the Gospel. 

Unfortunately, even at a time such as this, the Chinese Communist Party cannot put aside their anti-Christian ideology, and some of the teams of believers who were preaching on the streets have been arrested and their supplies confiscated.

Please pray for Christians in this region as they continue to spread the Gospel!

Earlier this month, we shared some prayer requests from a pastor based in Wuhan:

 “Please pray for the peace of Christ to rule and reign in our hearts, so that we may be a witness to those who are without hope.

“Pray that through this hardship, God's children will grow nearer to the Almighty, and that the Lord will use it to purify our souls and give us many opportunities to proclaim the Gospel.

“Please ask the Lord to use this pestilence for His glory, so that when it is over, there will be many more souls born-again into the kingdom of God than have perished.”

A Bible at last!

In South-East Asia, our partners continue to print and distribute Bibles. Recently they were able to begin distribution of over 160,000 Bibles to the Wa people. Below is the testimony of Pastor Nyi who received a copy.

“My name is Pastor Nyi and I am 53 years old.

My parents were animists who worshipped demons. They sacrificed to their gods every month, thinking that their gods would prosper them. However, our family life suffered, and we faced poverty. 

In 2001 a Christian evangelist came to our village and shared the gospel of God’s love and forgiveness. He preached mainly from Luke 15. His preaching touched my heart and I committed my life to Jesus and became a Christian. At the time, my parents didn’t want me to be a Christian, but later they also accepted Christ. Hallelujah!

After we accepted Christ, we stopped worshipping the evil spirits and we threw out all the tools that we had used to worship the animist gods. 

For nearly 20 years, I looked for a Bible, but there are none in our village. I have been praying and trying to get a Wa Bible, but I could not find even one for sale. Most of our people do not have a Bible but by God’s grace, now we Wa people have our own copies of God’s Word!

These are the first Bibles most of us have ever owned. How great a blessing we have received from God through His people around the world! Thank you!”

It costs just £4 to give a Bible to someone like Pastor Nyi – could you change a life today?

Give a Bible today

Lives saved in Mongolia

In Mongolia, our partners continue to run a feeding centre as they reach children and young people, many of whom sadly live off a nearby dump.

Our partners have shared a couple of encouraging stories about two children our partners have met.

Uuganaa (12) lives in a ger (similar to a tent) with no father, an alcoholic mother and two siblings.

The mother is rarely around and leaves her three children alone with no food or coal. Consequently, all three children come and eat at the feeding centre.

 Our partners are able to send them to school with uniforms and schoolbooks. While at the centre, our partners took the opportunity to teach the children truths from God’s Word.

Praise God that Uuganaa decided to follow Jesus and has been baptised. He said that he wants to get a good education and become a good, godly man who shares the Gospel, loves children and teaches them about Jesus.

Suld (17) is another boy who has come to the feeding station since he was just two years old. His mother left the family while his father has a bad drinking problem.

Suld came to faith through the ministry at the feeding centre and now helps in the youth and children’s work. He also leads singing in church. He loves the Lord and is very faithful. However, he has a rare form of blood cancer. 

Pray for the continued work of the feeding centre, that the Lord would continue to use it to save children and young people like Uuganaa and Suld. Pray also for Uuganaa’s family and for Suld as copes with his illness.

Support Gospel work in Mongolia

New life in South-East Asia

We have recently received a report from our partners in South-East Asia who are involved in outreach to women and children caught in human trafficking.

The team in South-East Asia were able to conduct over 35 rural outreaches focusing on educating children and youth on the awareness of human, sexual and labour trafficking in the second half of last year. This work helps prevent individuals from falling prey to traffickers.

Our partners also use these outreaches as platforms to build relationships with the villages from which many girls who have been rescued originated from. The team make every effort to reconcile the rescued girls with their families which in turn opens doors for the Gospel. Many girls come to faith in Christ after they are rescued and when reunited with their families, they are able to share their newfound faith with them.

One of the girls who has been with our partners for 2 years, decided (alongside our team) to visit her village. She had left her village 5 years ago, believing at that time that she was going to escape poverty by taking up a job in a hotel. Unfortunately, there never was such a job and she was thrown into the darkness of trafficking. 

Our partners prayed that when they visited the village, they would find an openness to the Gospel. When the girl arrived home, her family came out to greet her. Soon after reuniting with her mother and father, she began telling her story. 

The story she told them did not start where you might with the hurt, brokenness and injustice she had endured. It started with her new life in Christ and how through Christ she has found new life and love. 18 people in the village were led to Christ because of her testimony that day.

Pray for our partners as they continue their work and for more girls to be rescued, saved and committed to sharing the Gospel with others.

Summer Teams 2020

Every year we send teams to serve in Asia with our youth and young adults (18+) ministry, HistoryMakers. Applications for our summer teams have recently opened. Could you or someone you know serve the church in Asia later this year?

For more information and to apply, visit the HistoryMakers website.

Operation India | July 4 - July 18 2020

Delhi & Vijayawada

Serve in slum areas, lead at a camp for young people and run a programme at a children’s home. 

Operation Monsoon | July 21 - August 4 2020

South-East Asia

Serve the underground church by carrying God’s Word into a country with restricted access.

Operation Siam | July 29 - August 13 2020

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

Serve refugee children and work alongside people fighting human trafficking.

Past team members had the following to say about their time in Asia:

“God has challenged me a lot throughout these two weeks. I feel like my eyes are open to what global mission really is.”

“Being on an AsiaLink team has been a huge encouragement for my faith. It has shown me how enormous God is and how all of us can have a role in global mission.”

“I really learnt a lot about trusting God. He is faithful and will provide for us when we have the courage to go and work for him.”

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