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Change a life this Christmas

In the West, the average Christian household owns four complete and accurate Bibles in their mother tongue. The 66,000 Khumi people have none.

The Khumi first heard the gospel in the 1920s and received a Bible in their language at this time. However, this Bible is a poor translation. Many of its words have fallen out of use whilst others are entirely incorrect. Furtehrmore, these Bibles are few and far between having gone out of print years ago!

A handful of pastors are among the privileged few who speak another language and can access Scripture that way, but most of the Khumi people have no access to any version of God's Word. There is a real and urgent need to provide the Khumi people with an accurate translation of Scripture in their heart language. 

Our partners have been undertaking this meticulous task and, for the very first time, a complete and accurate Khumi Bible is finally available! 

To celebrate God's faithfulness throughout our 20 years of ministry in Asia, our goal is to provide 20,000 copies of His Word to the Khumi people, that they might know Him and receive eternal life!

Could you change a life this Christmas? Each Bible costs just £4 to print and deliver. For the very first time, the Khumi Chin people can read for themselves about the miraculous coming of Christ to reveal Himself to us, to dwell among us and, ultimately, to save us from sin.

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Funds raised will also be used to provide Bibles for another little-known group called the Tapong Chin, who have also had no Scripture in their heart language.

A cultural genocide

A new undercover report reveals how China has been targeting and persecuting the Muslim-majority Uyghur people.

For years, the West has been aware of the severe persecution of this people group. Chinese president Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist government are intent on eradicating the Uyghurs from Chinese society.

One man was summoned to a police station, told to empty his pockets and hand over his belt. He had no idea why he had been detained but endured days of interrogation. A sack was pulled over his head and he was driven to a camp. Every day he had to renounce his faith and before every meal, the entire camp would chorus, “Long live Xi Jinping.” 

In the past two years, China has built the largest network of internment camps in the world. In the western region of Xinjiang, over 1000 camps hold around a million people – Muslims, political dissenters and other minorities including Christians.

The Chinese government claim these camps are simply educational yet stories from those with experience inside the camps confirm that inmates are tortured.

The Xinjiang region has been transformed into a police state. Every street and alley, even in the smallest villages are monitored by cameras – many equipped with face recognition technology. Data on the movements and activity of minorities is collected to spot any irregular behaviour. When anomalies arise in the behaviour of individuals, a message is automatically sent to local police to investigate.

For example, if the monitoring system detected that a particular household on a street was using significantly more water than their neighbours, it could indicate the presence of unregistered guests. Police would be notified and, more often than not, suspects are taken to a camp even when there is no actual evidence of guilt.

These efforts to eradicate the influence of the Uyghurs and other minorities including Christianity reveal to us the lengths the Chinese government will go to so that the communist ideology goes unchallenged.

Pray for the Uyghurs, and AsiaLink partners working with them in this very sensitive and difficult situation. Pray for all those who fall prey to this totalitarian persecution whether they be Muslim, political dissenters or Christian. We ask that the Lord intervene and end these ongoing acts of evil in this land.

Rice delivery in Myanmar

War has been raging in Kachin State since 2011. As a result, there are currently over 100,000 Kachin people who have left everything behind in search of safety.

Our partners have been ministering among the Kachin over the past few years. They report that the Kachin want to return to their villages but are unable to as most villages are either destroyed or occupied by Burmese soldiers. 

Those who have been displaced gather and live in makeshift camps where our partners can visit and support them. In most of the camps, our partners saw mostly women and children. Many of the men died in the line of duty as Kachin soldiers, some are still on the frontline while others are away seeking work.

Life is very difficult in these camps. Living conditions are basic and food is very scarce. Some women shared with our team how stressed and concerned they were. Their supply of rice had run out and they were unsure how they would feed their children.

Our partners visited four different camps and were able to deliver over 300 bags of rice – around 15.7 kilos! The people were very grateful, and some fell to their knees crying, thanking God for the rice. 

Continue to pray for the Kachin people of Myanmar as they live in the aftermath of the conflict. Pray too for our partners as they minister to them, pointing them to Jesus Christ.

Christmas devotions

In these final few days before Christmas, we will be sharing our last three devotionals based on some of the characters from the Christmas story.

From Sunday 22nd until Christmas Eve we’ll be considering the wise men, Mary and the baby in the manger Himself, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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A note from us...

We are so thankful for the support of people like you that we have experienced in 2019.

Whether your support has been practical, prayerful or personal, we hope that both you and your family will be refreshed this Christmas. On behalf of AsiaLink, and all of our partners, we wish you God’s richest blessing this Christmas and for 2020.

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