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Tract & Bible distribution in South-East Asia

Our partners in South-East Asia continue to print and distribute materials to the local church, resourcing thousands of believers with Bibles, hymnals and other literature in their heart languages.

Our partners currently have over 100,000 Bibles in a variety of languages ready to be delivered - pray that delivery of the Bibles will go smoothly and for those that receive them. May the Lord move mightily through the power of His Word!

Our partners have also recently written a gospel tract targeted specifically for Buddhists. Across the various nations that make up South-East Asia - Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar - Buddhism is by far the most dominant religion. Temples and monks can be seen regularly across the whole region.

Our partner shared that previous Christian tracts failed to make much of an impact but reports from those using the new tracts have been incredibly positive. Local pastors are saying that people are becoming Christians through the truth of the tracts. There are currently dozens of converts from Buddhism meeting for Bible studies regularly. 

Praise God for the impact of this tract and thank Him for saving many Buddhists through its distribution. Pray for Buddhists who have received the tract and for those who will receive it, that they would come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

China's living martyrs

In the last edition of the eBriefing, we took a deeper look at the various strategies being employed by Chinese authorities to control the spread of Christianity. We must continue to remember China’s Christians in prayer, but often it can be difficult to know how to pray intelligently for believers.

The Living Martyrs Fund supports servants of Christ in places like China who have experienced first-hand the horrors of the oppressive Chinese regime and continue to suffer today. Below are a few of their stories and we trust you will uphold them in prayer with us.

Brother Yu (67), continues to battle poor health, of which high blood pressure and diabetes are his main challenges. Recently he has had to increase the dose of insulin he takes, as his diabetes worsens. His eyesight is now poor and he appears to be going blind. His condition is the result of years of torture because of his faith in Christ. Recently he was told his condition is stable and not worsening, thanks to the help he is receiving. He is now able to afford medication and daily necessities and continues to share the gospel with everyone who visits.

Brother Min (61) has been arrested and mercilessly tortured three times in his lifetime. His health is now broken and he suffers from Parkinson's disease, which is growing progressively worse. The government has blocked him from receiving any health benefits so the assistance provided through the Living Martyrs Fund is vitally important. He recently reported: "My latest medical check-up showed issues with multiple organs, including my heart and lungs, and the Parkinson's symptoms have been more obvious."

Brother Dongfeng (58) was imprisoned twice for his role as a house church leader and had unknown drugs and liquids forced down his throat by the authorities. As a result, he now suffers serious stomach problems and is taking medicine. He recently shared that his health has been through some ups and downs, and he is still in need of the current medication plan for longer. He says, “Your loving support has been a big blessing to me. God bless you!”

Growing up on the frontlines

As speculation continues to rage over the US’s future involvement in Afghanistan after recent peace talks in Qatar, a reporter has shared a glimpse into what life is like for those recently born into the conflict.

Approximately one-third of all victims of the war in Afghanistan are children. The UN reports that last year saw a total of 927 children lose their lives. A further 327 children have been killed over the first half of 2019.

One child, Assad, aged six is quoted as saying, “I get scared when I hear the helicopters come closer at night. They are part of the Afghan National Army and sometimes they strike the village. I learned how to use a gun so I can protect myself. I don’t know how to read or write, but I hope I can go to school next year. There are many robbers here, that’s why we have dogs and guns to be safe. But there’s nothing we can do about the drones and helicopters. I’m afraid every night.” 

You can a longer look at the world many children are growing up in by reading the original article here.

Our partners in this part of the world are offering aid to many refugees and are assisting the rebuilding of villages and settlements while also providing opportunities for education. Please pray for their work and safety in this region.

Theology student attacked in Sri Lanka

Earlier this month, a theology student was leading a worship service at a home in a small village. As the meeting concluded, a group of opposing villagers led by three Buddhist monks stood outside, demanding to speak with him. 

After questioning the student about his religious activities, they began to physically assault him, demanding that he leave the village immediately. As a result, the young man suffered injuries to his head, stomach and spine.

To escape the attack, the injured theology student managed to ride his motorcycle 180 kilometres back to his college, where he was then taken to hospital for treatment. After his release two days later, a police report was filed.

Pray for the complete recovery of the assaulted Christian student. Pray that he would persevere in his commitment to sharing the message of Jesus Christ among the people of Sri Lanka and for other students as they reflect on the consequences of sharing the gospel in their homeland, that they would be emboldened rather than frightened. 

Summer teams - thank you!

In last month’s eBriefing we asked for prayer for our two HistoryMakers teams of young adults who were serving in South-East Asia and India. Both teams are now home and were both greatly challenged and encouraged by their time in Asia.

The first team to South-East Asia were able to make two Bible drops into a country with restricted access to God’s Word and also spent time with several AsiaLink partners in the region. Team members were particularly struck by local underground believers and their continued ministry in the area.

Our second team to India also spent time with different AsiaLink partners and were able to take many opportunities to share the gospel including through a children’s programme at an orphanage and in a school in Delhi to 3000 students.

We praise God for each and every team member and pray that He would continue to work in their lives as they continue to reflect on their time in Asia and on Christ's command to go to all the nations. We pray for those who will receive Bibles and for those who have heard the gospel over the past month. May the Lord bring many to Himself!

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