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Pakistan update

In our June eBriefing we asked you to pray for Peter, a partner of ours in Pakistan.

Peter Pakistan

Being a Muslim background-believer, Peter has always faced opposition to his faith and ministry, and in late May a mob descended on his house, throwing him and his family out and breaking many of their possessions.

For several weeks, Peter and his family were forced to sleep out in the open - a very dangerous situation. However, after a few weeks we received news that Peter and his family had settled into a new home, and Peter had resumed outreach to his own tribe. He shared the gospel with many people, and saw some respond to the call!

We praise God for not only protecting Peter, but continuing to bless his ministry. We are also deeply grateful for all of our praying supporters who interceded for Peter and his family. Do continue lifting up our partners to the Lord!

Flooding in Laos

Two weeks after the collapse of a dam in Attapeu, in southern Laos, the water levels have started to subside and the damage is now being seen.

Laos floods boat

Some villages have seen over 90% of their houses destroyed, and soldiers are preventing outsiders from visiting the worst affected settlements.

However, thanks to your generosity we have been able to send funds to a number of workers in the nation, who will provide food, water, medicine and other basic provisions to those worst affected. Our partners will also be seeking ways to care for and entertain children at this time, as well as educating them on the importance of hygiene.

These workers are making particular efforts to work with those villages containing Christians, since they are at risk of missing out on provision, but will by no means restrict aid to believers.

Continue to pray for those affecting by this crisis. Many have lost loved ones, and thousands have been left without homes. Pray too for our partners as they minister to the people of Laos with the love of God in this time of need.

Summer trips

Our first summer team for young adults has recently returned from India.

The team of 9 spent a week in Delhi alongside partners working in slum areas educating and reaching children, before travelling to the south-eastern region of Vijayawada where they visited churches, participated in outreach events and ran a Bible-based programme in a local orphanage.

We highlighted the team in the most recent edition of the magazine and are thankful for all those who supported them prayerfully.

This month, another team of young adults will be travelling to South-East Asia to carry Bibles into a country with restricted access to God’s Word. The team will also have the opportunity to meet with local underground believers, as well as various partners who seek to reach others with the gospel.

Please do pray for this team, for safety in travel and for the Lord’s blessing for both the members and those they meet.

Earthquake hits Indonesia

At least 98 people have been confirmed dead and more than 236 severely injured in a 6.9 magnitude earthquake.

The quake rocked the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok on the evening of Sunday 5th August. A second earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 hit the island four days later on Thursday 9th. 

Over 300 people have lost their lives as a result and the death toll continues to rise.

The damage dealt to Lombok and the surrounding area has been described as “massive” by disaster relief workers in the area. Rescuers are continuing to retrieve bodies and attempting to get basic supplies such as food and water to the worst-hit areas.

Remember those affected by this disaster and for those stranded on the islands that they would be able to return home safely.

Take a look at this clip from the BBC of the moment the earthquake struck: BBC Video

Nepal under pressure

Nepal, a landlocked nation between Asian giants India and China, has started to emerge as a new battleground for the global powerhouses.

Nepal, once considered exclusively in India’s sphere of influence has started to gradually drift towards China. Both countries are united, however, in trying to remove Western influences from the nation.

China has repeatedly expressed their unease about the activity of Western NGOs operating in Nepal, particularly those involved with projects to promote the release of Tibet from Chinese governance. Furthermore, both China and India are suspicious about NGOs spreading, what is seen as, pro-Christian values and ideology.

Both nations are strongly resistant to the influence of Christianity in their own lands and are exerting their influence to prevent their common neighbour from becoming too accommodating of those promoting the faith.

Indeed, one US-based research group identifies Nepal as the Asian nation with the most accelerated rate of conversions to Christianity. Currently 3.8% identify as Christian with this figure expected to double in the next two years - something that concerns Asia’s greatest heavyweights: China and India.