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Relief for India

Near the end of March, India was put under lockdown due to the imminent threat of the coronavirus. Many have identified India as a country particularly vulnerable to the virus. With a population of over 1.3 billion, a quarter of which live in abject poverty, the lockdown has hit the nation hard. Millions have been left without jobs and homes virtually overnight.

Thanks to the generosity of AsiaLink supporters, our partners in Delhi have been able to help meet, in small ways, the enormous need of those affected by the lockdown.

Our partners in Delhi have been busy making and distributing face masks to locals after the government made it compulsory to wear one outside of the home.

They have also identified 2000 families in need of food packages and have been meeting these families with essential supplies.

Our partners have shared a story of one woman they have met with these packages:

“Sudhan is a widow and normally works as day labourer. Alongside her three daughters, she takes care of her elderly widowed mother-in-law and her paralysed sister-in-law. When the lockdown came into effect, Sudhan lost her job and no longer could afford food for her family.

She approached our team tearfully asking us for help and was incredibly thankful when she received a food package

Sudhan is one among the millions who are stranded in different cities. We have assured her of food aid until things get back to normal and she can work again.”

You can help provide aid to people like Sudhan during these difficult days by giving to our relief fund. Simply click below to donate.

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News from Afghanistan

Our partners have shared an update with us about the current situation in Afghanistan in the wake of the current pandemic. They’ve asked for prayer in several areas.

The government reports that the virus has spread to nearly all 34 provinces in the country. Resources are stretched as thousands of Afghans have returned home in the wake of the pandemic. Please pray for the Afghan government to make wise decisions as they combat the spread of Covid-19.

Over five million dollars were given to the government by the US to help with the coronavirus response. Pray that this money would be used well and for the benefit of the people.

Thousands are left jobless as lockdown is in place. 16,000 police officers have been deployed in the capital to ensure the lockdown holds. Pray for our partners as they begin a food distribution programme to families of children with disabilities.

Amongst this wide-spread upheaval, fighting between the Taliban and government forces continues. Please pray for peace, particularly in this time of great trial.

Bible distribution in Myanmar

At the end of 2019, we launched our Christmas appeal to provide 20,000 Bibles for people in Myanmar. The first distribution of Bibles has now taken place among the Tapong Chin people.

The Tapong Chin first received the Gospel around 100 years ago. The majority of this people group converted to Christianity, coming to faith in Jesus. However, the only Bible available to this people group was a poor translation of God’s Word and was also very difficult to get a hold of. 

Many of the Tapong Chin have been believers their entire lives without having a Bible for themselves.

One lady who received a Bible was Hawai:

“I am 81 years old and this book is the first time that I have ever seen a book in my language. I never thought this would happen. God has allowed me to see our Tapong Bible before I die. Now I am happy in life because I sing songs and read a Bible in my own language. Thank you for this free gift. I will see you all in heaven!”

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Ramadan devotions

Over the next month, as Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan, we are sharing short Christian perspectives on each of the five pillars of Islam online.

The first two in this series have been published so far, looking at the pillars of fasting and testimony.

We hope these devotions will help you pray more effectively for the Muslim world during Ramadan.

Read the first two in the series by clicking below.

Read Ramadan devotions

Our ministry amid Covid-19

Since the last eBriefing, the world around us has changed dramatically. We hope and pray that you are staying safe during this pandemic. This is a short update on how our ministry has been impacted.

We have been forced to cancel short-term trips which would have blessed the church in Asia, including our summer teams for young adults.

Our staff team are working from home, sometimes in isolation, rather than getting out and about to meet churches like yours and encourage you with stories of what God has been doing through our partners.

Due to the recent restrictions placed upon travel and workplaces, we have not been able to process and acknowledge postal donations as efficiently as usual. However, we are committed to resolving this once it is safe and practical to do so. We are deeply grateful for your patience at this time.

Donations can still be made in all of the usual ways. If you feel unable to give, or to continue with an existing standing order or direct debit, we would urge you to feel no embarrassment or shame in halting your giving for as long as necessary. If you need any assistance with this, please do contact us.

We are mindful in these days of great upheaval that God is unchanging. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Holy Spirit remains with us, guaranteeing our salvation, and that of the many who have trusted in Christ through the ministry of our partners in Asia. We remain 100% committed to our mission to see the Gospel shared among unreached people in Asia. 

We would greatly appreciate prayer at this time in the following ways:

  • Please ask the Lord to keep us focused on the vital task at hand, that we might not lose sight of the billions in Asia who remain unreached by the Gospel. 
  • Ask that our staff team would continue to work effectively in raising awareness of these unreached people, and support for the work being undertaken to reach them
  • Pray that the Lord would grant us wisdom and creativity in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ at this time
  • Pray that the Lord would be glorified in the work of AsiaLink, now and always

From the entire AsiaLink team; thank you.

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