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The Night Light Project

This Easter we’re launching an appeal for the Night Light Project which seeks to rescue women from the sex industry in Thailand.

The sex trade in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, ensnares countless women who are trafficked or see no other way to provide for their families.

Our new partners in Bangkok aim to rescue, restore and empower such women with the grace and love of God. They offer them shelter, teach them valuable skills for the real world, and share the good news of Christ with them. Wonderfully, the girls who return to their unreached home regions are then passionate about sharing the Gospel with others.

You can give to the appeal here. Alternatively you can give over the phone or by post.

Please pray with us this Easter for the Night Light Project and for the many women trapped in this terrible industry. Pray that the women would find freedom from those exploiting them and that the Lord would bring them into the Kingdom through the sharing and receiving of His Gospel.

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Raids in Kazakhstan

Anti-terrorism officers, assisted by local police, raided two Baptist house churches in Kazakhstan during worship services and gave out fines for conducting prayers without government permission.

Several people received fines as a result, including three who were fined between one and two months’ worth of average wages. A warning was issued to the members of the churches against publicly practising their faith or else further punishment would follow. 

Many have pointed to this incident as the latest example of the ongoing crackdown on Christianity in the Muslim-majority country. While Kazak laws don’t explicitly forbid prayer, the formation of unregistered religious bodies such as house churches is illegal. Pray for Christians in Kazakhstan who face ever-tightening restrictions and increasing opposition.

Source: CBN News

South-East Asia Bibles

We’ve received another testimony from a recipient of a copy of God’s Word in South-East Asia. Lee* received a Bible at the age of 31 and shared his story with our partners:

*name changed for security

I was raised in a Christian family. We believed in Jesus, but we didn’t follow the ways of the Lord. My parents were drug dealers, and we had a lot of money. I started using drugs and I became a drug addict. But when I was 15 years old the police arrested my parents. I lived on my own after that and I still used drugs. Five times I almost died of drug overdoses. I believe God spared me these five times.   

"When I was 20 years old God showed me a vision of me bringing many people to him. He said He had chosen me to save those who were in Satan’s hand. Then He told me to go to the main city three hours away to attend a seminar where a guest speaker would preach for three days. I went and attended for three days and three nights.

"On the final night, the preacher looked directly at me and said, 'God wants you to serve Him and you are chosen by Him now.' Then he prayed for me and at that time I repented and decided to not just believe in Jesus, but also to surrender to Him and follow Him. When I did this the Lord delivered me from drugs and I have not used them since.

Bible open on table

"Since then I am instead praying every day. God has helped me to finish a Bible school course. Now, at 31 years of age, I am a pastor. But because of my past evil life, I feel I don’t deserve to be a servant of God but I thank God for His grace and mercy. I have never had my own Bible before today.

"For the past 11 years, I have desired and prayed to have a Bible. And today God has answered my prayer and I received one for free. Now I own my own Bible! My words cannot explain my excitement and thankfulness for this free Bible, because we must have God’s Words in order to have success in life and in ministry."

Theological training in Iran

Our ongoing Secret Entrance Appeal provides students in Iran with safe online theological training for the next generation of Iranian pastors and evangelists.

Thanks to your help, we were also able to support a conference for many of these students to gather together for intensive training and fellowship. One student has reflected on the impact the training is having on his life and on his ministry:

Since beginning to study, I feel my mind and heart are opening in all sorts of directions. I am being challenged to the core of my being. All the training I have received until now, whether on doctrine, the Bible, emotional health or spiritual formation, has been critical to my own personal growth as a pastor and also the growth of those I am discipling in our network of house churches. 
Last year we saw our incredible growth in our house churches. Most of these new members are the result of house church planting efforts in Iran. We are thrilled to see people from these communities coming to faith in Jesus Christ! I am regularly using my learning materials for teaching our house church. Without this theological training, I would be completely ill-equipped for what I am doing. I thank God for those that provide this training every day! Thank you for enabling me to do what God has called me to do.

Pray for the students receiving theological training in Iran, for their continued safety and for the churches where they minister.

14 Days of Prayer for India

It can be hard to know how to pray for an entire country, especially India which is home to 1.28 billion unreached people.

That's why we've compiled a free booklet focusing on this nation for prayer! Our staff have travelled across this vast and vibrant nation, and have put together some helpful snippets of information which will help you lift it up in prayer over the course of two weeks.

India prayer guide

With prayers ranging from the urban youth in Delhi to the villagers of Andhra Pradesh, why not see how God answers and even speaks to you as you commit the country into his hands? 

You can order copies of the prayer guide by filling in this short form.

To whet your appetite for the guide, the entry for Day 1 of the guide is as follows: 

The past few years have seen a rise in Hindu nationalism, with extremist groups having a significant influence in national and regional politics. Pray that this trend would be reversed, leading to a more tolerant and harmonious society where minorities, including Christians, can worship freely.

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