One of our partners operates a centre for outreach in a country with restricted access to the Gospel. Devotions are held at the centre each morning for those who have come to learn job skills. 

The lockdown in this part of the world caused great difficulty for poor families in buying food. Due to the closure of borders, the cost of rice rose by over 70% per kilo. Thanks to the generosity of AsiaLink supporters, over 15 tonnes of rice have been purchased and distributed to families in great need. 

Our partner shared a story with us about a young girl named Mai* who grew up with her family in the jungle. Mai’s father had a tumour growing on the side of his face and villages, fearing that he was afflicted by evil spirits, wouldn’t allow the family to settle close to them. 

Mai’s father was getting steadily sicker and so the family began to travel away from their home in the middle of the jungle. Money was short, and food ran out and so to keep going, Mai was sold for her weight in rice to a small business. Here, Mai was physically abused and forced to work. 

One of our partners’ outreach teams came across Mai and sought to free her. The team learned that her parents were in no condition to look after her again so the team bought Mai back from the business. Today she lives at the centre, receiving an education, hearing devotions from God’s Word and helping at the farm by collecting the eggs that the chickens lay! Mai also has her very own children’s Bible which she loves to read! 

After some time, Mai wondered why this place she was living was different from where she had been before. When asked why she thought the centre was different, Mai replied, “Because no-one hits me here.” 

Please pray for little Mai as she continues to learn about God and enjoy the safety of the centre. Praise God for how he has used this centre in South-East Asia to reach many with the Gospel. Pray for their continued safety and security as they work in this restricted land. 

*name changed for security

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