Read Matthew 27:11-14

Jesus stood accused before Pilate. Jesus could have saved Himself by calling on legions of angels. Couldn’t He who stilled the waves with a word have stayed Pilate’s hand? Couldn’t the One of whom it was said, ‘No one ever spoke like this man,’ have spoken with such eloquence that His life would have been spared?

But He was silent.

His silence is remarkable. It shows such restraint. Who wouldn’t have been tempted to share some home truths with those who had sought his life with such hypocrisy? Had you or I access to the secrets of men’s hearts, which of us would not have used it to justify, defend and acquit ourselves? Or even to attack our adversaries?

But Jesus was silent. 

Pilate, the governor, asked if he was the king of the Jews. We may take Jesus’ short answer as ‘yes.’ But when asked the same by the chief priests and elders of the Jews, He is silent as a lamb to the slaughter. Of all the charges He rebuts not one. He is silent and Pilate is amazed.

Jesus has not come to speak in his defence. He has come to place himself in the hands of His Father even while He is in the hands of sinful men. Jesus suffered in silence for people of all tribes, tongues and nations. 

He is silent. But His blood will speak.

His blood will speak a word of reconciliation with God for all who call on Him in faith. His blood will speak a word of cleansing. And those who have heard it have the privilege to speak of it to others.

Our partners in Asia speak this message to those among the unreached who have never heard. They speak this word of reconciliation. They are also often a voice for those who have been silenced and whose cries for justice often go unheard by earthly powers. Let us add our voice to theirs. 

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