Over the past few weeks we’ve been thinking about characters from the Christmas story and the one in the spotlight today is Mary, the mother of Jesus.

As the human instrument that God used to send His Son into the world, Mary was highly favoured, yet it would have been very difficult for her to come to terms with what was happening. The culture of the time would suggest that girls like Mary, who were betrothed to be married, were often in their early or mid-teens. It is impossible for us to imagine the fear and vulnerability that she would experience as news of her unexpected pregnancy spread throughout the district. 

Today, in Asia, many young girls are constantly living in fear and vulnerability. Coming from a background of severe poverty, many have been lured by traffickers and find themselves caught up in modern-day slavery. Reaching into these fearful and vulnerable young lives, many of our AsiaLink partners are rescuing and offering hope. The trauma that many of these young girls have experienced leaves deep emotional wounds that continue to haunt them, long after the pain of physical scars has eased.

Our ministry partners are helping in many practical ways through providing safe houses, trauma counselling and skills training. These practical ministries are vital as victims of trafficking and exploitation start to rebuild their lives, however only the message of the gospel can offer the real hope they so desperately need. Please pray that many young girls would rediscover their true value and worth as they hear the message of a God who loves them and gave Himself for them.

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To celebrate God's faithfulness throughout our 20 years of ministry in Asia, our goal this Christmas is to provide 20,000 copies of His Word to a people group in Myanmar, that they might know Him and receive eternal life! Find out more!