When India imposed lockdown in late March with just four hours notice, it caused a humanitarian disaster. As we first shared several weeks ago, many of our partners here have been busy providing relief to families left without incomes in the wake of the lockdown.

While the nation has been gradually easing the lockdown in recent weeks, there remains a huge need to help those adversely affected.

In Jaipur, AsiaLink partners operate a centre for evangelism and Bible teaching. Shara, a student on the Bible teaching course, learned that her family over 1500km away had lost their jobs. The family found themselves in great need of help, especially as Shara’s sister is pregnant. The family travelled 415km on foot to other relatives and were subsequently quarantined for a full month. Our partners at the Jaipur centre were able to send vital aid to Shara’s family in their hour of need.

In Southern India, our partner also continues to minister to families in need. He reports that the great fear of India’s poor is not that they will catch Covid-19 but whether they have food for tomorrow. 

Our partner in this part of the world supports a network of pastors and churches and has been able to distribute relief packages to over 200 church leaders! In the few weeks alone over 1000 starving families have also received food parcels.

Please pray for the people of India as they continue to suffer as a result of the current response to the pandemic and for our partners as they reach those in need.


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