The north of India borders the Himalayas and is one of India’s least reached regions for the gospel.

It is reported that just 0.3% of the 12.7 million who live in the area are Christians. In India, the further north you travel the fewer Christians you are likely to find, and the northern region, along with the rest of India, is strongly Hindu.

The landscape is peppered with vast numbers of Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres. There are hundreds of unreached people groups and there is much work to be done in bringing the gospel to one of the least-reached regions of the sub-continent.

India unreached people

Our Beautiful Feet Project sends and supports local evangelists who are on the front lines of gospel work in Asia. These are workers who speak the language and know the culture of the areas in which they minister. We believe there’s no-one better placed to reach Asians than Asians.

Through the Beautiful Feet Project we resource and fund men and women who are passionate about spreading the gospel where they are right now.

We’re delighted to be able to support five new workers in one of the states in northern India. These workers have received training and are ready to share Christ with the lost.

Please do support these workers in prayer, and consider giving to the Beautiful Feet Project or our India fund. It costs just £1 per day to support an evangelist as they reach the unreached people of Asia.