Yuvraj arrived in Delhi looking for new experiences, new friends, and a new community. Of course, these things can be hard to find in a city of 11 million people and numerous different languages!

As a musician who studies at Delhi University, Yuvraj made some musical friends. They then introduced him to our partner, Ravi, and his team who run various events for the city's urban youth, ranging from picnics in Central Park to acoustic nights in a local Starbucks.

As a musician, Yuvraj was keen to get involved, and was given the opportunity to perform. 

Love Delhi Yuvraj


In fact, a wide range of people are asked to contribute to the youthful community created by the project, whether through music, poems or various other art forms. The organisers then offer something of their own in the form of a short gospel message, in both Hindi and English.

Through this, they bring the Christian faith to those who would never enter a church building, and to some who have never even heard of Jesus Christ.

For two years Yuvraj kept coming along, contributing to the community and hearing of God’s saving grace. Little did he know that the Holy Spirit was moving in his heart, ultimately bringing him to a place of such conviction that he decided to follow Jesus, committing his life to the Lord.

India Gate Delhi

India Gate, Delhi

Many university students and young professionals arrive in Delhi seeking friendship, community and meaning in their lives. They travel from all over India and beyond, coming from Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and other backgrounds. 

Those who find community through our partners' work often find something far more wonderful than they’d hoped for. Whether at a picnic, a music night or a university outreach event, the offer of forgiveness and salvation is being proclaimed and is changing the lives of those who have never encountered Jesus before.

We thank God that our partners are reaching the lost from India and beyond in their home city of Delhi!

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