One of our partners works with the underground church in Kashmir. Here, believers have to vary the day, time and location of their meetings in order to avoid detection. We were privileged to join them one morning, and are delighted to share their stories with you.

Kashmir Shikara

Dal Lake, Kashmir


"I come from an orthodox Muslim family, but got into lots of trouble in my youth! One day, in the middle of my troubles, I had a dream where somebody came and told me to read the Bible. I asked and asked a friend to take me to a church and he kept saying 'soon, soon'.

"Then I came across AsiaLink's partner, KP, and we started reading the Bible together. My problems slowly began to disappear, and after some time I believed and was baptised.

"I have now found peace and I share the Word, working alongside KP. I have translated several Christian radio programmes aimed at Muslims into the Kashmiri language. We then recorded them in the Kashmiri language for broadcasts which have had some good responses.

"Of course, many people get angry when I share my beliefs, but I tell them that Jesus is the only way."

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