One of our partners works with the underground church in Kashmir. Here, believers have to vary the day, time and location of their meetings in order to avoid detection. We were privileged to join them one morning, and are delighted to share their stories with you.

Kashmir store

A floating store near Srinagar


"I grew up in a Sufi Muslim family, who have a mystic belief that all religions lead to the same God. They believe that Mohammed is superior to all prophets, is a god and is peaceful. But I found that the Quran says Mohammed is not God and that he was not peaceful, so I decided to leave the religion.

"I wasn’t satisfied with nothing, so I read many books to find the truth before I eventually became an atheist. I watched debates online, and would agree with people like Richard Dawkins.

I found that the Quran said Mohammed is not God and that he was not peaceful

"That changed when I watched a debate with William Lane-Craig. There is a philosophy that whatever exists must have a cause, but he introduced me to the idea that whatever begins to exist must have a cause, and God is that cause. As I listened to his whole argument I became convinced - I became a Christian through rational proof. 

"After this I was still immature and married a non-Christian, but I would share the truth with her. We tried to have children but nothing happened for three years. I told my wife, “Don’t go to holy places, pray to God in the name of Jesus”. She became pregnant and we now have a 6-month-old son. Because of this answer to prayer, my wife believed and was baptised last month.

"There are a lot of secret atheists in Kashmir, who don’t admit it because of the pressure from Muslims. They are often well-educated, working in medicine and other professions. I share the truth with them and many of them are close to believing!"

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