One of our partners works with the underground church in Kashmir. Here, believers have to vary the day, time and location of their meetings in order to avoid detection. We were privileged to join them one morning, and are delighted to share their stories with you.

Kashmir Hannah


"I grew up in a Christian family but was into worldly things like clubbing. One day I met AsiaLink's partner, KP, and joined a one-month discipleship programme, but my heart was elsewhere. I met my partner, Arun, and got married, and we were enjoying life together away from God.

"In my second pregnancy the doctors told me to have an abortion as the baby would be born paralysed, and I was suddenly aware of my need for God. Around the same time, Arun was given a vision - a man in white, with a bright light, holding a baby.

"Arun came to faith, and was rejected by his family as a result. Whilst his father is wealthy, owning a tailoring company, Arun now works in a cafe earning less than his father’s staff.

I decided to go for an abortion, but was also starting to seek God at the same time.

"I decided to go for an abortion, but was also starting to seek God at the same time. Then I received a word: “Cursed are those who trust in man”, so I asked God to stop my pregnancy himself. After this I dreamt of a candle burning in the rain. I took the candle but the flame died.

Kashmir tree

Kashmir's mountains

"My mother interpreted this dream as saying “Don’t take this life away and put out the flame of God’s blessing”. The next time I saw my doctor he told me it was too late to have an abortion anyway, event though a second opinion confirmed the problem.

"We kept praying and when the baby came she was born with no problems. Many medical teams came to visit her as this was a miracle. One doctor saw her and said 'Christian people have a great faith'.

"We have grown in faith and obedience to God and we now share the Bible where we can, given the safety concerns. I teach English at one of the outreach sewing schools, and I use songs like 'Yes God is good, God is good to me. Yes God is good, God is good to you' to share the gospel".

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