One of our partners works with the underground church in Kashmir. Here, believers have to vary the day, time and location of their meetings in order to avoid detection. We were privileged to join them one morning, and are delighted to share their stories with you.

Kashmir mountains


"I came from an orthodox Muslim family, and grew up believing that Muslims are superior to others. However, as time went on I found contradictions between the Quran and the Hadith and so I moved between deism, agnosticism and atheism as I searched for truth.

"I was searching for answers online through Google, and began reading passages from the Bible. As I read the Bible I found truth and love and eventually I became a Christian.

"My family told me to leave, reminding me of words in the Quran which say that I should be killed within three days for changing my religion. I have also faced opposition from large groups of Muslims in the university, and have been beaten.

I should be killed within three days for changing my religion

"People have told me that if my area in Kashmir becomes part of Pakistan then they will kill me immediately for abandoning Islam, but for now I will enjoy my freedom. I want to keep sharing the truth but we have to have wisdom here."

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A shortened version of Hamid's story was first published in the AsiaLink Magazine, Spring 2018 edition.