A friend of AsiaLink recently led a team to South-East Asia to visit and serve local believers. Here are some of his reflections...

The young man spoke confidently and quietly to the hushed group. Standing in front of the house church and prompted by the pastor at his side, he shared his journey to faith.

Born in a poor village, he suffered rejection and bullying because of his blindness, treated as an outcast until a radio broadcast explained that Jesus Christ accepted him as he was, regardless of his blindness. He became a follower of Jesus.

Under threat of imprisonment and spurned by his family he left home and found work as a masseur. He also found a new family amongst this house church. He now speaks to all of his clients about Jesus, who gave him a new life. 

This was just one of many stories which the team delighted in hearing on our trip to South-East Asia.

Innovative projects

We were privileged to see work training local believers in agriculture and textiles - the innovation used to produce a monumental crop and provide livelihoods was breathtaking.

Our visit to the Salt and Light project stands out in my memory. There we learned of the blight of human trafficking in the region and the amazing work of God in delivering girls from the sex trade.

We had the chance to prayer walk the local area and visit the girls in the safe house. We also attended two local underground churches; both of which were humbling experiences. 

Ongoing struggles

We heard so many stories of how God is moving by his Spirit across this part of the world and yet there is still much need. The struggle against both political ideology and the twin religions of animism and Buddhism continues.

Our brothers and sisters need our support whilst those walking in darkness need to see, and hear, of the light of the world.

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