“It is finished.” John 19:30

Far from being the pathetic words of a dying man who, in his weakness is conceding defeat, this is instead a confident declaration of accomplishment from a victorious Champion.

Jesus’ earthly mission can be seen in what the Lord said to Joseph in Matthew 1, you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” Now, thirty-three years later, these words of Jesus spoken from the cross proclaim “Mission Accomplished! 

In the death of Christ, so many things were accomplished or brought to an end. The whole idea of sacrifice, which played a vital role in the worship of God in the Old Testament, was now being brought to an end in Jesus' once-and-for-all sacrifice on the cross.

No longer does God require the blood of bulls and goats to make atonement for sin, since Jesus the perfect Lamb of God made the ultimate sacrifice. There is nothing we can add or contribute to this finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Cross Easter Asia

In Asian countries where Hinduism is predominant, the sacrifice of animals is still very common. Later this year, the world’s largest festival of animal sacrifice will take place in south-east Nepal. When this festival was last staged, in 2014, over 500,000 animals were slaughtered. This included water buffaloes, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and pigeons.

This is uncomfortable reading and many animal rights activists are campaigning to end what they call a barbaric practice. The blindness of this religious ritualism disturbs all the more as over 5 million Hindus are expected to attend this year's festival.

Please pray that many will learn of a Sacrifice to end all sacrifices and come to trust in Jesus’ finished work for them on the cross.

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