“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”– Matthew 27:46

Today we reach the midway point in our look at the 7 sayings of Christ from the cross. This saying is central in many ways as it captures the intensity of Jesus’ suffering but it also highlights the reason for Christ’s death as He took our sins upon Himself.

There have been three hours of silence and darkness since we last heard Jesus speak. It was before noon that He spoke those comforting words to Mary and John that we considered in yesterday’s devotional. At noon the earth is shrouded in a thick darkness, which remains until 3pm when these disturbing words pierce the silence.

Jesus is quoting from Psalm 22 where David uses these words to question what God is doing in his life. Many of us can identify with periods of darkness when we don’t understand what’s going on in our lives and we find ourselves asking God, “Why?”

Our trials and difficulties however, seem very small when we consider what Jesus was going through that fateful Friday. Some have suggested that during the three hours of daylight from 9am till noon, Jesus suffered at the hands of men, but in the three hours of darkness from noon till 3pm, hidden from our view, Jesus suffered at the hand of His Father. As our sin-bearer, He endured the wrath of God as He suffered on our behalf. We can’t get our heads around the idea of God the Son being forsaken by God the Father. This tension in the Trinity is a mystery to us and our best response is to simply worship and thank Jesus for taking our place.

As we rejoice in this truth, please pray that Christians throughout Asia will be reassured in the knowledge that Jesus was forsaken so that they might never be forsaken.

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