“Woman, behold, your son!”… “Behold, your mother!” John 19:26-27
Of the 7 sayings that Jesus made from the cross, this one is perhaps slightly more difficult to get our heads around. However, once we identify the three main characters, we gain a fuller understanding of what’s going on.
The main characters here are Jesus, Mary & John - or (for the preachers among us) the Suffering Saviour, The Mourning Mother & the Devoted Disciple!
There is a lovely picture in this scene of Jesus, the Son of God, dying for the sins of the world yet speaking these tender words to two of His closest followers.

Jesus knew that during and after His death both Mary and John would be heartbroken. These words are His way of committing Mary & John into the care and comfort of each other. Even though Mary was not John’s mother, she would be a mother figure to him, and while John was not Mary’s son, he would care for her as a son.
John’s care and protection of Mary began immediately, as we read, “And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home”.
The timing here is very significant - shortly afterwards, the sky darkens and the suffering and anguish of Mary’s son takes on a deeper intensity. She, however, was spared the agony of witnessing this, such is the mercy and compassion of Jesus.

Asia persecuted Christian believers

Christians are forced to worship in secret in many Asian countries

These events help us to appreciate the deep bonds of fellowship and compassion among the followers of Jesus. Many miles may separate us from our brothers and sisters in Asia, yet we have great opportunities to show practical care and compassion among the family of God.

Today, let’s remember especially those many believers throughout Asia who face hardship and suffer for their faith, drawing alongside them in the unity of Christ.

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