Sometimes, the work God calls her to is dangerous.

In one such instance, she learned of the plight of the Kachin people, caught up in the fight between the brutal Burmese military and the Kachin Army. With more than 10,000 Kachin displaced in the first month of attacks, many found safety in churches and other areas. But others remain trapped amid the conflict without access to help or aid. God calls her to these people.

Myanmar girl

She longs to help pregnant mothers in need of nourishment, and children who are scared and frightened, separated from their families in the chaos of fleeing their villages. The elderly, often too frail to walk the long jungle path to safety, need assurance that the world is responding to their plight.

She works alongside nationals who risk their lives directing her to these dear ones. Some of them refuse to leave the area themselves, because they too serve the Most High God and want to bless those whom He loves.

Myanmar boy

Prayer has been answered this morning as she hears that 200 people, of a group of 2,000 hiding in the jungle, have reached safety.

She praises God that some of the pregnant women have delivered their babies in safety, though her heart breaks at news of the young woman who gave birth just as the mortars began to fall. The woman lifted her new born and ran for her life, arriving at a church one week later extremely unwell and exhausted. Even now, as God’s people minister to her, she cannot speak.

Myanmar baby

Her heart breaks too for the little 100-year-old lady who is now a refugee for the fourth time. The dear lady pleads with her family to leave her behind, knowing she cannot make the arduous journey. Nevertheless, her grandson puts her on his back and carries her the whole way. She is family.

The servant of the Most High God hears the call to love His children, no matter the cost. But she is aware of her need for prayer from those who, though they are far away, care enough to bring her before her Master.

She asks them to pray for wisdom, safety, strength and good health in order to aid those who need it most, for His way is best and His will must be done.

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