You can help train new leaders and reach the unreached in a Muslim country!

New technologies are creating opportunities to train new leaders and distribute Bibles to thousands of unreached Muslims completely under the radar, and you can make it happen.

Safe Online Training

Our partners have found a safe and secure way to provide online training to Christians in this Muslim country, raising up new pastors for the church.

This technology provides a secret entrance for training to be delivered, allowing trainees to access video lectures, web-based reading and online discussions without fear of detection from authorities.

A number of people are already using this technology successfully, but we know of hundreds who are eager to receive the training, build up the church and reach Muslims with the gospel.

It costs around £425 to set up this technology and maintain it, enabling the training of a future Christian leader in this closed nation. 

Bible Chips

It's difficult to get printed Bibles into this country, so our partners distribute God's Word on microchips instead. No bigger that a fingernail, each microchip contains a copy of the Bible which can be copied, but not deleted!

Numerous Bible chips have already been delivered and there are many reports of Muslims turning to Christ as a result of receiving God's Word in this digital format.

£15 enables the production and delivery of five Bible chips. What a small cost to share God's word!