Our partners are reaching and rescuing the bar girls of Bangkok, then sending them out to reach the unreached for Jesus!

The sex trade in Bangkok ensnares countless women who are trafficked or see no other way to provide for their families. Our new partners aim to rescue, restore and empower such women with the grace and love of God.

They offer them shelter, teach them valuable skills for the real world and share the good news with them. Wonderfully, girls who can safely return to their unreached home regions are then passionate about sharing the Gospel. They are inviting people to come to Jesus for the very first time!

Bangkok night light girl

Noi worked the streets to help raise her orphaned siblings

"My parents died when I was young, so I had to raise my siblings by myself, working on the streets to pay their school fees. As a young adult I was in and out of jail, using and selling drugs, and my two daughters disappeared with their respective fathers. I worked as a bar girl, performing all the sordid extras that people expect in Bangkok.

"Meanwhile, my aunt was seeking to ship me off to a massage parlour in South Korea.

"Then I met AsiaLink's partners. They offered me a way out, an after some ups and downs I fell in love with the God who made me and calls me his own! I worked in a school before marrying and having a daughter. Then I returned to my family's home region, and I now join church services and outreach training through my phone, along with my husband!"



Bangkok traffic bar girl night light project

Tui once recruited for traffickers, now she recruits for Jesus!

"I grew up in poverty and was deeply involved in black magic. One day somebody offered me a well-paid job, which turned out to involve recruiting for a local trafficking group. My job was to find girls who could be sold as online brides, and I earned around $1300 for every success. I even considered selling myself for the cash, but then I found a way out through the project in Bangkok!

"The first year was very difficult, but then I came to know the Lord! He forgave me and healed me. Since then, I have moved back to my home region. I drive a school bus and educate the children about trafficking. A house church meets in my home, and I love to share the Gospel with people in my village - they'd never heard of Jesus before!"


Bangkok rescue shelter sex worker night light

Taene now works at a safe house for girls who want to escape

"I needed to drink and sleep with customers to make money. Sometimes I felt like a vegetable or a fish in the market. But now I have learned so much and I have come to know Jesus. I once thought my body was dirty, but now I see the beauty of God's creation! I want to be a full-time servant of God.

"I was the first Christian in my family, but now my two brothers, sister, daughter, sister-in-law and parents are all believers. Thank you, God!"