In the West, the average Christian household owns four complete and accurate Bibles in their mother tongue. The 66,000 Khumi people of Western Myanmar have none.

Khumi Chin Bibles girl Myanmar

The Khumi people first heard the Gospel in the 1920s when missionaries shared the truth about Jesus with them, and many would still identify as Christian today. However, they have been relying on a poor translation of Scripture, meaning that for many, their Christian identity is nothing more than a label.

Most of the Khumi people have no access to any version of God's Word

The Khumi translation is inaccurate - many of the words have fallen out of use whilst others are entirely incorrect. Not only that, but these Bibles are few and far between having gone out of print years ago! A handful of pastors are among the privileged few who speak another language and can access Scripture that way, but most of the Khumi people have no access to any version of God's Word.

There is a real and urgent need to provide the Khumi people with an accurate translation of Scripture in their heart language.

Khumi Chin women

Our partners have been undertaking this meticulous task and, for the very first time, a complete and accurate Khumi Bible is finally available! To celebrate God's faithfulness throughout our 20 years of ministry in Asia, our goal is to provide 20,000 copies of His Word to the Khumi people, that they might know Him and receive eternal life!

Funds raised will also be used to provide Bibles for another little-known group called the Tapong Chin, who have also had no Scripture in their heart language.