AsiaLink Bhutan

Christianity is not welcomed in Bhutan, but we believe that people still need to hear the Gospel.

Through this fund, you can help us train new leaders for the church and support a number of passionate evangelists.

One of our partner evangelists told us:

I accepted the Lord Jesus in 1994. My mother has accepted Jesus and some of my other siblings have also received Him. I face many persecutions though. One of my brothers beat me in front of my pastor.

I got a job in a hospital, but the Lord called me to serve him as a pastor, bringing the Gospel to unreached souls in Bhutan. When I arrived in my city, there were no churches. The Lord has blessed us with a fellowship and now we have 35 household and 8 cell churches.

Because Bhutan is a Buddhist country, we don't have a church building. Open air work and mass evangelism are like cursing a Pharisee in a synagogue!