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Afghan security unstable

The national security forces in Afghanistan have suffered record casualties this year as they have fought insurgents largely without the benefit of air power and military support from the international coalition forces.  Casualties are particularly high among local police forces recruited to defend rural villages and towns.  They often man checkpoints in remote areas that are attacked by the insurgents with suicide bombs and small arms. These are people, families and situations to be praying for.


Another NK Anniversary

This year marks the 62nd anniversary of the armistice between North and South Korea along with the entrenchment of division at the 38th parallel with the establishment of the demilitarised zone. Pray for native believers to continue being salt & light, to persevere through the valley of shadows, still confident in their Shepherd.


Nepal's shaky tourist trade

Rehabilitation continues in Nepal amid fears that trekking areas and heritage sites are not currently safe.  April’s quake had devastating results on the tourist trade yet despite concerns that some areas are being prematurely reopened, some are promoting them to foreign visitors.