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China strikes back

The judicial authority of Shandong has accused 5 people of "intentional homicide" and "organizing and using an evil cult to undermine the rule of law in the country." The accused are all members of Eastern Lightning (also known as the church of God Almighty), which is outlawed in China.

The arrest came after Lightening struck in a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan. The group beat Wu Shuoyan to death, a 35 year old woman who had refused to give them her phone number and join their congregation. The police arrested the group at the crime scene. In total, 6 people were arrested, but one is a 12 year old boy: the minor cannot undergo a criminal proceeding and will be tried separately by a juvenile court. The case has sparked public outrage, because the restaurant security camera video clearly reveals the indifference of the staff and other patrons during the attack.

Since the beginning of July, according to state media, the police have arrested "hundreds" of members of the cult. The courts have already sentenced many to prison terms because of their religious affiliation.


The plague

Gansu province, in the north of the China. A man skinned a dead marmot (think large squirrel) and fed it to his dog.  Then he felt rather sick and went to the hospital. Then he died and 30,000 people in Yumen city were placed under quarantine.

The man had caught pneumonic plague (similar to bubonic plague, but worse). So far, no one else seems to be manifesting symptoms of the disease but 151 of those who were in direct contact with the man before he died have been quarantined separately and for a longer period just to be sure.


Shots and stalls

Afghanistan seem to hit the news every week now. This time, two Finnish Christian aid workers were shot in a taxi. They were working for International Assistance Mission and are suspected to have been shot by the Taliban – who have been accusing the charity of sending Christian missionaries into the country under the guide of aid workers. In 2010 they attacked the charity for these reasons and left eight medical workers dead.

Back in the capital, last week’s serious tensions were eased after both presidential candidates agreed to an audit of the 8 million votes and to abide by the result due to be announced on July 22nd. However, just four days into the audit, the Electoral Independent Commission halted the entire process. All they said was there had been a ‘misunderstanding’, and refused to elaborate further.


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