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Mudslides across China

Torrential rain has triggered mudslides in many parts of southwest China's Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, causing damage to houses, roads and vast areas of farmland. Thousands have been evacuated and hundreds of villages destroyed.

Official sources say a number of people have died and dozens remain missing. Pray for opportunities for neighbours, friends and family to display the Lord's love in this difficult time.


Bangladesh burglary

Police have arrested 12 Muslims accused of taking part in the robbery of a church in Bangladesh.

The attackers bound and gagged two watchmen before storming the church at 2 in the morning. They were looking primarily for documents on land ownership but also tried to rape a number of the women and steal their valuables.

This is not the first time the church has been attacked – land deeds can be very valuable as they are often the only way to prove ownership of the land. Pray especially for the women as they recover from the shock of emotional, mental, and physical beatings.


Teetering on the edge

A turbulent week for Afghanistan. Preliminary results saw Abdullah Abdullah lose the election after securing just 43.5% to Ashraf Ghani’s  56.5%.

A few weeks ago, both runners raised concerns over fraud in the polls but Abdullah was the boldest and loudest. He claimed he would reject the final result no matter who the winner was and soon after he and his supporters took to the streets in protest. Losing the initial results seemed to change his mind. In an address to supporters in the capital, he repeated the election results were marred by fraud and claimed the victory for himself.

Fortunately, before things got ugly between the two camps, both Abdullah and Ghani agreed to an audit of all 8 million votes – and to abide by the final result on 22nd July.

Meanwhile, the country has suffered increasing violent attacks and bombings from the Taliban, keen to disrupt everything they can. Many onlookers fear the extremist and electoral tensions could still push Afghanistan over the edge and into chaos. Take heart that the Lord has everything under control – even when times are tough.


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