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High-stakes defection

Defections from North Korea are not common, but not unusual either. The desperate escapees wait until the dead of night and cross the border with nothing but the clothes on their back. They risk their lives through freezing waters, strong currents and patrolling guards.

Yun Tae-hyong is different. He’s a member of the North Korean elite – a banking CEO in charge of handling some of Kim Jong-un’s private funds. He disappeared on-the-job in eastern Russia with a reported $5 million of Un’s cash.

Yun has reportedly appealed for asylum overseas, and is expected to attempt to reach South Korea. The North has already sent a diplomatic request around the world for his arrest and return.

Though the circumstances may be unusual, this continues to show that many within the North have little faith in their country and are willing to risk their lives to leave. Please pray that the Lord brings peace to this country and physical, economical and spiritual relief to its citizens.


Tigers down

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s promise to stamp out corruption in the country – from the ‘tigers to the flies’ seems to be progressing strongly.

This week, authorities arrested Wang Yujun, president of China Resources Power and Zhang Xinming, a coal king and one of the country’s wealthiest businessmen.

In 2012, Zhang’s business sold three coalmines to CRP for around 8 billion yuan (£780 million) but a number of shareholders at CRP launched a lawsuit arguing that the mines were bought at an inflated price.

Praise the Lord for justice being dealt, and pray for wisdom and transparency in China. Some argue Xi Jinping's campaign is also an excellent cover allowing him to remove any opposing the Communist Party.


Six dead in Taliban attack

A suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan set off a five-hour gun battle between militants and security forces, leaving six people dead and around 45 injured, most of them civilians, provincial authorities said.

The attack took place early Saturday morning near the offices of the National Directorate of Security, the Afghan spy agency, in Jalalabad.

A bomb-laden vehicle exploded at 5 a.m. local time and another vehicle rigged with explosives detonated a few minutes later. Five gunmen stormed in and the battle went on until about 10 a.m.

The Taliban immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but it is not yet known whether there was any particular purpose or goal behind it.

Please pray for Afghanistan, a country in the middle of a political crisis as the UN investigate electoral fraud while the current president threatens to leave office before the conclusion. This leaves an awkward political vacuum since the two presidential candidates (Abdullah and Ghani) have not yet been sworn in on account of the UN’s investigation.


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