The Digital Word

Our goal is to use digital media to point people across the most populated continent in the world to the risen King of Kings.

Can’t read, don’t read

Why? Well, here’s the reason. An estimated 4.35 billion people are oral learners. That is, they choose either not to read or they cannot read at all. They are oral learners because of their limited literacy skills.

Put simply, if they can’t read - or don’t read - we still have to communicate the Gospel to people in ways they can understand.

Here’s your chance to help

Our partners aim to get God’s Word into hundreds of communities using solar-powered digital audio players. Twenty years ago this simply wasn’t a possibility. Today it is! They already have Scriptures recorded and ready to go in over 4,500 languages. We trust you will appreciate the enormity of the job at hand.  We also hope you see the door that is opening.

Each unit costs an average of £25.  We would love you to please join us if you can.

If you would like to help. you can give online here.

More than anything, we would love you to pray. You can connect to regular news on our website.  Sign up there for regular eBriefings.

Thank you for partnering with us.

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