Why do we send Bibles?

Sometimes, there are restrictions on owning Bibles. Other times, Bibles are printed but in insufficient quantites to meet the demands of burgeoning churches.

Protestant Churches in China, for example, now number (conservatively) somewhere between 100 and 140 million. Registered churches comprise 25 or 30% of that figure.

The government is providing 3 million Bibles annually to the registered church, at their request. In other words, Bibles are being printed in their millions in China - but not enough millions to meet the need. Most Bibles printed legally in China are for export.

It suggests the remainder of the church needs two or three times that figure annually. That means an additional 6 to 10 million Bibles provided to the church annually would go most of the way to meeting the need.

It's a challenge for the housechurches and has already started to show in the spiritual strength of the church in areas where there are a lot of new believers and no access to the Word.


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