Bibles for Asia

Facts and Figures

2,670 people groups in the world have neither Scripture portions or audio recordings available in their primary language, comprising 204,000,000 individuals.

339 of the 550 people groups in China do not have even Bible portions available in their primary language.

35 of the 78 people groups in Afghanistan do not have even Bible portions available in their primary language.

544 of Indonesia's 780 people groups do not have even Bible portions available in their primary language. The largest of these is the Betawi.

All but five small groups of Sri Lanka's 50 people groups have at least Bible portions available in their primary language.

China has the largest number of individuals whose primary language does not have Bible portions (204,000,000 individuals).

The largest group without even Scripture portions in their primary language is the Jin Chinese of China, population 62,000,000.

What we do

We want people across Asia to hear God speak to them. Here's what we do and how you can help.


Printing and placing Bibles has always been at the heart of our mission. Sometimes, the need is simply immense. You may have thought, for example, that the day of helping China was over.  It's not - not by a long way!

We also help among hard-to-reach groups in Laos and Vietnam as well as Burma and North Korea. We have even provided Easy-to-Read English Bibles for Himalayan university students.  We help print or source Bibles for some of Asia's least-reached peoples.


Some of the countries in which we work make it illegal to buy or own a Bible.

In other cases, communities and cultures prefer not to read at all.  In fact, an estimated 4.75 billion people across the world are regarded as non-literate, oral learners today.

We believe in using today’s technology to bring the gospel and the Word of God to the most unreached places in the world. Whether it's blind communities in India or Arabic-speakers in Central Asia, radio, television or even digital, audio units, often solar-powered, allow many to hear God speak for the first time.


What if God's Word has never been translated? Some of Asia's thousands of languages don't have an alphabet. AsiaLink partners are working in communities and ethnic groups where the work of Bible translation requires complex solutions, often including literacy projects.

Travelling Teams

Sometimes there is no getting away from carrying bags of Bibles across borders. Both AsiaLink and Historymakers, our youth work, take teams to carry God's Word into challenging areas. It’s one of the ways we can serve the church in Asia.

Why send Bibles?  Click here to find out more.


We are more convinced than ever that the complex task of ensuring God is praised among all peoples on earth, demands His gracious hand to open difficult doors, close prying eyes, speed the work, soften hard hearts, change stubborn minds, give understanding, hold back the rising tide of evil and open the windows of heaven to bless in ways beyond what we can imagine.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers labour in vein."

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